Emirates Airlines dangling 100-airplane order in front of Boeing, Airbus

Emirates Airbus A380 (image courtesy of Emirates)

Even as Boeing Co. is set to release its latest outlook for commercial airplane demand Thursday, a tug-of-war with competitor Airbus over what could be one of either manufacturers’ largest orders is playing out in the aerospace industry press. Dubai-based Emirates Airline is in the market for between 70 and 100 wide-body planes to replace […]

Emirates Considers New Boeing 777 Order

Emirates Airline Boeing 777

Emirates Airline said Tuesday it is considering an order for up to 15 current-generation Boeing Co. 777 aircraft, a move that would help the plane maker transition to a significantly revamped version of the twin-aisle jet. Tim Clark, the Dubai-based carrier’s president, said in an interview that a potential order is “under the microscope,” though […]

Middle East needs almost 3,000 airplanes in next two decades: Boeing

Middle East Carriers

As many as 2,950 new airplanes worth $640 billion will be needed in the Middle East region for the next two decades between 2014 and 2033, according to a forecast by Boeing. The robust growth in demand for planes from the region is mainly due to the industry growth. “We expect demand for planes to […]

Etihad-Emirates Near-miss, ‘within 25 Seconds of collision’: Controllers Left Posts For Breakfast

Seconds before collision

An internal probe into the March 29 near-miss between an Emirates flight and an Etihad jet in Mumbai airspace has found four air traffic controllers at fault and revealed that a critical surveillance system, which showed the two aircraft flying towards each other, was left unmanned. A series of missteps by the controllers effectively stacked […]

France, Germany Protest Gulf Carrier Encroachment

Growth of Gulf Airlines

As U.S. airlines and labor unions launch their campaign against alleged subsidies for the “Big Three” Gulf carriers, the debate is already well underway in Europe. Key players in transport policy seek a new agreement with Gulf states to regulate subsidies, but Gulf countries and carriers are strongly resisting the effort. While the white paper […]

Emirates Urges Airbus to Take Decision on A380 Super Jumbo Relaunch

Emirates Airbus A380

Airbus’s most important customer for the A380 superjumbo is demanding the manufacturer decide this month on the case for relaunching the passenger jet, which has already cost billions of euros in a fraught, decade-long journey from drawing board to runway. Sir Tim Clark, president of fast-growing Emirates Airline, which is the biggest A380 operator, said […]

Gulf Will See a Drop off in Plane Orders in 2015, Says Boeing Exec

Emirates Airbus A380 (image courtesy of Emirates)

The Gulf region will not see a repeat of the massive aircraft orders witnessed last year for the foreseeable future, US manufacturer Boeing has conceded. Airlines from the Gulf ordered 216 aircraft from Boeing in 2014, with the bulk of it made up of 150 777X aircraft ordered by Dubai’s Emirates in July. That followed […]

Airbus Considering New Engines for A380 Superjumbo Jet


Airbus Group NV ’s chief jetliner salesman on Monday said the company is considering new engines for its double-deck A380 superjumbo jet, but won’t make the change solely based on the demands of a single buyer. Dubai-based Emirates Airline is the largest customer for the A380 superjumbo jet, and has been clamoring for a “double […]

U.S. Airlines Escalate Battle Against Their Gulf Rivals

US Air American Tails

Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, and American Airlines yesterday released evidence of what they call unfair subsidies given to their fastest-growing rivals, Emirates, Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways. The documents detail what the Big Three say is more than $42 billion in financial support the three Gulf airlines have received from their governments since 2004. […]