U.S. Airlines Escalate Battle Against Their Gulf Rivals

US Air American Tails

Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, and American Airlines yesterday released evidence of what they call unfair subsidies given to their fastest-growing rivals, Emirates, Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways. The documents detail what the Big Three say is more than $42 billion in financial support the three Gulf airlines have received from their governments since 2004. […]

Delta and Southwest Airlines Ready for Expansion

Southwest Airlines Boeing 777 MAX 7

While the U.S. domestic air travel market is mature, Delta Air Lines and Southwest Airlines are looking beyond domestic flights for growth. To capitalize on their ambitions, each airline is building a gateway hub. I’ll take a look at why they chose the airports they did and what Delta and Southwest’s strategies could be going […]

Delta Airlines computer outage has passengers frustrated

Delta airlines

Passengers on Delta Air Lines Monday afternoon were unable to check in for their flights because of a malfunction with the airline’s website, mobile app and airport kiosks. Travelers from different parts of the country complained about the problem on Twitter. Delta spokesman Paul Skrbec did not have a number for passengers affected by the […]

American Airlines To Upgrade Fleet And Finally Compete With Delta

American Airlines

Ask any regular passenger on American Airlines for an assessment of the carrier over the last couple of years and you’ll receive a raft of complaints. As the company slogs through its merger with US Airways, the user experience has lapsed. In-flight entertainment, while strong in the WiFi category, is still fairly weak in the […]

Delta Confirms it’s Going with Airbus in Big 50 Wide-Body Jet Order

Delta airlines

Delta will go with Airbus in deal for 50 wide-body jets that would be worth more than $14 billion at list prices. The Wall Street Journal calls the order “a big victory for the European company in its battle with Boeing to sell long-range passenger aircraft.” Delta said it will buy 25 Airbus A350-900 jets […]

Delta and Alaska Airline Rivalry Could Be a Boost For Boeing

United Airlines Boeing 787 Livery

While the merger of United Airlines and Continental left a gaping hole at the ticket counter at SeaTac International Airport, frequent fliers are noticing an expansion of Delta and Alaska check-in stations these days. That expansion could mean a great boost to Boeing and Washington’s economy in the future — if state lawmakers hold the […]

Milan Malpensa Airport Plane Spotting. Boeing 777, 767, Airbus A330 [VIDEO]

Every day, Airnation.net posts a cool plane spotting video for airliners. Check out all of our plane spotting videos. Want to submit your plane spotting video for consideration for Video of the Day? Message us HERE. Video shows various airplanes landing and take-off at Milan Malpensa airport.

Delta Flight Museum: One of the coolest airline museums you’ve never heard of

Delta DC_3

Everything about the rebooted Delta Flight Museum screams, “AIRPLANES!” Even outside its entrance, I’m greeted by aviation decorations. Lined up in a row like Roman columns are three struts of Boeing 757 landing gear embedded into the front of the building. Welcome to the Delta Flight Museum, home to some of the airline industry’s historic […]