Boeing And Airbus’ Competition To Soar Once Again In 2015

Airbus Boeing

This month, airline manufacturer Boeing sold sixty-one 737 commercial airliners to a single buyer for a massive deal worth $6.6 billion at list prices. While the company revealed details of the order – 51 aircrafts were ordered in 2015, while 10 were ordered last year – few other details of the buyer were publicised by […]

Score Card: Boeing and Airbus Orders

Boeing 737-900ER

Earlier this month, Boeing revealed the sale of 61 single-aisle 737 commercial airliners (51 orders placed this year, and 10 orders in 2014) to just one single buyer — a massive order worth upwards of $6.6 billion at list prices. What Boeing didn’t say, however, was who exactly was anteing up all this dough — […]

737, 787 score Boeing big win over Airbus in first quarter

Airbus Boeing

Boeing edged out Airbus in orders in the first quarter, with good news for Boeing’s smallest plane, the Boeing 737, and its newest plane, the 787. After six cancelations, Boeing won 110 net orders for the quarter, versus Airbus’ 101 net orders, after 20 cancellations. Showing particular strength was Boeing’s 737 series, which landed 66 […]

At Boeing, Innovation Means Small Steps, Not Giant Leaps

After a turbulent decade, Boeing Co. is rethinking its formula for innovation. The 99-year-old aerospace giant long has focused on developing new technologies that it reserved for big projects every 15 years or so to craft the fastest—and farthest-flying jetliners—such as its 787 Dreamliner. Today, Boeing is centering innovation on incremental improvements that it can […]

Boeing beats Airbus in first quarter net orders, deliveries

ALC Boeing 787 Dreamliner

U.S. planemaker Boeing beat European rival Airbus in net new orders and deliveries in the first quarter, according to figures released on Tuesday. The aircraft giants showed mixed results in the traditionally slow quarter for new orders but the gap between them in deliveries, which generate most revenue, widened after Boeing handed over a record […]

NASA Taps Boeing to Develop ‘aircraft of the future’

NASA futuristic airplane

NASA on Monday announced it has established a public-private partnership with a handful of companies to develop knowledge about composite materials that could improve the performance of aircraft in the future. Included in that group is Boeing’s Research & Technology unit, which is based in St. Louis. The research and technology division provides technologies that […]

Boeing and Delta Spend Millions in Fight Over Export-Import Bank’s Existence

Boeing 787 Engine

Last week, with little notice, a federal judge here tossed out Delta Air Lines’ longstanding claim that the government’s export credit agency — which, among other things, provides loan guarantees to overseas airlines for the purchase of Boeing jets — was helping international competitors at the airline’s expense. Delta offered only a shrug. Judicial opinions […]

NASA & Boeing Looking To Test More Eco-Friendly Planes

Boeing ecoDemonstrator 757

While planes are probably the most efficient way of traveling great distances, they’re not exactly the most eco-friendly modes of transportation either. However both Boeing and NASA are hoping to change that with the testing of the Boeing ecoDemonstrator (a 757) where the plane is expected to go on a series of flights. What makes […]

Boeing Suppliers Use Ukrainian-Built Antonov Jets to Keep Supplies Flowing

Antonov An-124-100

Boeing Co. and its suppliers have turned to giant, Ukrainian-made cargo jets to keep its supply chain running smoothly, partially in response to disruptions at U.S. West coast ports from a recent labor dispute there. The aerospace giant’s top commercial-airplane executive on Tuesday said disruptions have continued even after the parties in that disagreement reached […]