Boeing Lining Up Buyers for Early Overweight Dreamliners

Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 787

Boeing Co. has lined up buyers for 10 of the early, overweight 787 Dreamliners whose years in storage made them emblems of the jet’s factory woes and a drag on profit, people with knowledge of the plans said. The planes, dubbed “terrible teens” for their assembly struggles and their places near the start of the […]

Dreamliner lovers rejoice as American Airlines Announces new 787 Routes

American Airline 787 Dreamliner

American Airlines has delivered a small gift to fans of Boeing’s advanced jet, the 787 Dreamliner. The airline announced routes Wednesday for the first 787s to join American’s fleet. “Nice to have another U.S. airline with a 787, finally,” aviation enthusiast and frequent flier Jason Rabinowitz tweeted to CNN. Since 2012, United has been the […]

Will Boeing’s Troubled 787 Dreamliner Finally Pay Off?

787 Landing at Sydney Australia

The 787 Dreamliner program is Boeing’s most ambitious project in recent times, as for the first time, carbon composite parts have been used to build an aircraft. Carbon composites help lower the plane’s weight and can save fuel worth millions for the airlines. Everyone expected airline companies to lap up these birds, and Boeing to […]

American to Fly 787s to Beijing and Buenos Aires

American Airlines 787

American Airlines will debut its new Boeing 787-8 aircraft on flights to Beijing and Buenos Aires from its Dallas/Fort Worth hub in June. The Dreamliner will enter service on flights between Dallas/Fort Worth International and Chicago O’Hare International airports on 7 May before shifting to the Fort Worth, Texas-based carrier’s new Dallas/Fort Worth-Beijing flight on […]

American Airlines Receives New Composite Boeing 787

American Airlines 787

Last week, American Airlines became the second US carrier to take delivery of the next-generation Boeing 787 aircraft. The aircraft principally uses composite material in its construct, making it lighter weight and less expensive to fly than earlier-generation widebodies. So far, United Airlines has been the only other US carrier to receive a 787. Forget […]

American Airlines Pilots Fly Their First Boeing 787

American Airlines 787

American Airlines representatives were in Seattle on Thursday so they could check out and do the acceptance flight of American’s first Boeing 787, a.k.a., the Dreamliner. American provided a couple of photos of that first airplane as company representatives looked it over. Here’s what AA told employees on the airline’s weekly Arrivals newsletter: This afternoon, […]

Competition from Boeing forced Airbus to rethink wide-body jets


Ten years ago, the boss of Qatar Airways, which received its first new A350 jet this week, warned Airbus it was flying off course. Boeing was knocking on his door with a “ superefficient” jet boasting 30 percent fuel savings, thanks to a carbon-composite design. In Toulouse, some Airbus engineers, riding high after overtaking Boeing […]

The Year Ahead in Aviation: 2015

Airbus A320neo

In recent years, so much has been going on in the world of commercial aviation that putting together a “top 10 events” forecast has been easy — major new airplane programs have been announced, airline consolidation has taken place and disputes between China and Europe over carbon emissions have held major airplane orders hostage. Not […]