Boeing’s Latest Big Plane Sale Could Be a Tiny Nightmare for Profits

Boeing 777

Not in the matter of sheer numbers, mind you. In fact, from the perspective of plain (or plane?) mathematics, nothing much changed about Boeing’s order book at all. One week ago, Boeing was telling investors it had booked 127 gross plane orders, suffered 16 cancellations, and thus ended up with a “net” order book of […]

Boeing Studies 777 Improvement Options

Boeing 777

Boeing Co pledged on Monday to improve the efficiency and seating capacity of its 777 jetliner to shore up production of its most profitable airliner as it switches to a newer model. The 777 “mini-jumbo” is due for an extensive upgrade from 2020 with new engines and wings, but in the meantime Boeing needs to […]

Boeing executive sees strong demand for 737 MAX, confident on 777

Demand for fuel-efficient narrowbody jetliners like the Boeing 737 MAX remains “very strong” despite the recent oil price slump, the planemaker’s top salesman said on Wednesday. Although lower oil prices might make some airlines hesitate about upgrading their fleets, the overall boost to the economy from cheaper energy is sustaining new jet demand, he said. […]

United Airlines Preparing to Order 10 Boeing 777 Airplanes

United Airlines Boeing 777-200

United Airlines is preparing to place an order for 10 Boeing 777 large twin-engine jetliners to replace older aircraft plying its longest routes, said people familiar with its plans. The Boeing 777-300ERs would be the first of that variant bought by United, the world’s second-largest carrier, said three of the people, who aren’t authorized to […]

Near supersonic speed: Boeing 777 catches jet stream, makes NY-London in 5 hours

British airways

A British Airways flight traveling from New York to London Heathrow broke a record as it approached the speed of sound after riding a powerful jet stream, making the journey in just over 5 hours. Passengers onboard BA flight 114 from John F. Kennedy International Airport to London Heathrow were probably left waiting for their […]

Boeing 777 Production: To Cut Or Not To Cut?

Boeing 777X

Airbus is facing quite a challenge lately with filling its production line for the Airbus A330, and competitor Boeing is facing a similar challenge for the Boeing 777. The current Boeing 777 has been one of the best-selling wide-body aircraft ever, if not the absolute best. But with the 777X coming to market in 2020, […]

Despite Analyst Doubts, Boeing Confident The 777 Line Can Keep Up Until 777X Arrives

Boeing 777X

Boeing COO and President Dennis Muilenburg is certain Boeing can keep the classic 777 line at full throttle building 8.3 planes monthly until new 777X models start delivering in 2020. This problem, meeting the demand gap between the end of several older aircraft models and first delivery of the new, is one that both Airbus […]

Boeing’s 777 Problem: Delta and Everyone Else Want Newer Planes

Delta airlines

Boeing faces that issue with its 777, a jumbo jet that has become a well-liked staple of global airline fleets over the past 15 years. The 777 sales problem drew a fresh spotlight this week, when Delta Air Lines announced an order for 50 twin-aisle jets from Airbus, split between the A350 and A330neo models, […]