Boeing raises 767 production

LOT Polish Airlines Boeing 767

Just like its erstwhile competitor, the Airbus A330, the Boeing 767 lives on with production raised from 1.5 to 2.0 per month later this year and the line set to continue until at least 2020. Last week FedEx ordered 50 767-300F freighters. Meanwhile, United said that next month it will begin conversion of its 21 […]

Why FedEx Loves the Boeing 767

FedEx Boeing 767

The Boeing 767 has been in production for more than three decades, but FedEx still wants more. A lot more. Last month, FedEx doubled down on the Boeing 767 as its cargo airplane of the future, placing a firm order for another 50 of the type, with 50 options beyond that. This was in line […]

Is Boeing 767 Running out of Time?

Qantas Boeing 767

In the 1980s, Boeing ‘s 767 was the most modern plane — the first twin-engine wide-body that could carry a good number of passengers over long distances. Scott Hamilton of Leeham says that in those days, airlines used only “three- and four-engine airplanes” for trans-ocean air travel. But after the FAA gave approval to a […]

Boeing’s 777 Problem: Delta and Everyone Else Want Newer Planes

Delta airlines

Boeing faces that issue with its 777, a jumbo jet that has become a well-liked staple of global airline fleets over the past 15 years. The 777 sales problem drew a fresh spotlight this week, when Delta Air Lines announced an order for 50 twin-aisle jets from Airbus, split between the A350 and A330neo models, […]

Milan Malpensa Airport Plane Spotting. Boeing 777, 767, Airbus A330 [VIDEO]

Every day, posts a cool plane spotting video for airliners. Check out all of our plane spotting videos. Want to submit your plane spotting video for consideration for Video of the Day? Message us HERE. Video shows various airplanes landing and take-off at Milan Malpensa airport.