Boeing Revisits Past In Hunt For 737 / 757 Replacements

United Airlines Boeing 757

For years, Boeing wrestled with how to replace a best–selling single-aisle product with an all-new design in one size s-ector while simultaneously protecting the longer-range, middle-of-the-market (MOM) from the predatory ambitions of Airbus. Although this may sound like the 737 and 757 replacements conundrum faced by Boeing today, it is, in fact, the scenario that […]

Airbus Long-Range A321neo Stirs CIT Interest as Replacement for 757

Airbus Group NV is getting support from CIT Group Inc., a crucial leasing customer, as the planemaker pushes a new aircraft as a replacement for Boeing’s discontinued 757. CIT’s Transportation Financing unit is a likely buyer of Airbus’s proposed Airbus Long-Range A321neo, President Jeff Knittel said yesterday. With extra fuel tanks, the single-aisle jet would […]

American Airlines Considers Airbus Jet As Boeing 757 Replacement

American Airlines Boeing 757

Boeing Co. faces fresh pressure to devise a replacement for its discontinued 757 jetliner, favored by U.S. carriers for trans-Atlantic flying, as American Airlines studies a new Airbus Group NV model as an alternative. American’s interest in a long-range A321neo signals that Boeing may have to speed planning for a new 757 version, said Richard […]

Airbus Launches New A321neoLR, A Formidable competition for Boeing 757

Airbus A321neo

Recently, Leeham News broke news to the world that Airbus is offering a new variant of the A321neo. This aircraft, dubbed the A321neoLR (rolls right off the tongue, right?) is set to extend the range of the aircraft an additional 400-500 nautical miles (nm) over the standard A321neo (now slated to be around the 4,000 […]