Airbus Makes a Bold Move Into the Boeing 757’s Territory

Airbus A321

For the past three decades, the Boeing 757 has occupied a unique spot among commercial aircraft. It is by far the largest and longest-range narrow-body jet. It is the only single-aisle plane capable of crossing the Atlantic. Being smaller than wide bodies, the 757 can profitably serve routes with lighter traffic. However, Boeing stopped building […]

Boeing in Talks on 757 Replacement as Airbus Lands Buyer

American Airlines Boeing 757

Boeing Co. has met with about 30 customers to discuss how to best fill the market void for trans-Atlantic flying left by its out-of-production 757 jetliner as Airbus Group NV (AIR) offers its response: a new long-range A321 model. Boeing executives are convinced the solution to the 757 replacement lies in an airframe that’s larger […]

Boeing Revisits Past In Hunt For 737 / 757 Replacements

United Airlines Boeing 757

For years, Boeing wrestled with how to replace a best–selling single-aisle product with an all-new design in one size s-ector while simultaneously protecting the longer-range, middle-of-the-market (MOM) from the predatory ambitions of Airbus. Although this may sound like the 737 and 757 replacements conundrum faced by Boeing today, it is, in fact, the scenario that […]

Airbus Long-Range A321neo Stirs CIT Interest as Replacement for 757

Airbus Group NV is getting support from CIT Group Inc., a crucial leasing customer, as the planemaker pushes a new aircraft as a replacement for Boeing’s discontinued 757. CIT’s Transportation Financing unit is a likely buyer of Airbus’s proposed Airbus Long-Range A321neo, President Jeff Knittel said yesterday. With extra fuel tanks, the single-aisle jet would […]

American Airlines Considers Airbus Jet As Boeing 757 Replacement

American Airlines Boeing 757

Boeing Co. faces fresh pressure to devise a replacement for its discontinued 757 jetliner, favored by U.S. carriers for trans-Atlantic flying, as American Airlines studies a new Airbus Group NV model as an alternative. American’s interest in a long-range A321neo signals that Boeing may have to speed planning for a new 757 version, said Richard […]

Airbus Launches New A321neoLR, A Formidable competition for Boeing 757

Airbus A321neo

Recently, Leeham News broke news to the world that Airbus is offering a new variant of the A321neo. This aircraft, dubbed the A321neoLR (rolls right off the tongue, right?) is set to extend the range of the aircraft an additional 400-500 nautical miles (nm) over the standard A321neo (now slated to be around the 4,000 […]