Requirements For MOM-Aircraft Engine Remain Vague

American Airlines Boeing 757

Half a century after the world’s first 40,000-lb.-plus-thrust high-bypass turbofans entered development for the emerging widebody era, studies are underway for a new generation of powerplants in the same thrust bracket. But now, unlike the 1960s—when General Electric, Pratt & Whitney and Rolls-Royce had very specific power requirements for the Boeing 747 and the new […]

American Looking to Fill Boeing 757 Gap; Eyes A330neo, A321LR

American Airlines Boeing 757

ame American Airlines’ Vice President of Network Planning Charles Schubert said on Thursday that the airline is actively looking to fill a gap soon to be left by aging Boeing 757s. The remarks came during the annual Phoenix International Aviation Symposium in Scottsdale, Arizona. Mr. Schubert said the Ft. Worth, Texas-based airline has been able […]

Why Boeing May Take Years To Replace The 757

United Airlines Boeing 757

Some Boeing customers see a hole in its lineup of passenger jets and are pushing for a new midsize model to fill it. But a $500 billion backlog and development of other planes may keep that idea from getting off the ground anytime soon. The world’s largest aerospace firm ended production of its 200- to […]

Boeing ecoDemonstrator 757 Flight Tests Focus on Aerodynamic Efficiency

Boeing ecoDemonstrator 757

Boeing has begun several months of flights with its ecoDemonstrator 757 to evaluate new technologies to improve commercial aviation’s efficiency, reduce noise and carbon emissions. Boeing is collaborating with TUI Group and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) on ecoDemonstrator 757 tests. The 757 flight tests continue the ecoDemonstrator Program’s multi-year effort to accelerate […]

United Airlines, Avianca mull potential jet options for 757 fleet

United Airlines Boeing 757

United Airlines is looking at the latest upgraded A321 model from Airbus as well as concepts being touted by Boeing as potential replacements for its Boeing 757 fleet, but does not see a purchase in the near future, a senior executive said on Tuesday. The airline industry is increasingly debating the future of a potentially […]

Airbus Vies With Boeing to Fill Niche Once Held by 757 Jetliner

American Airlines Boeing 757

A Boeing Co. jetliner that went out of production almost a decade ago is emerging as a competitive focal point in the U.S. planemaker’s fight for dominance with Airbus Group NV. The Boeing 757, the longest narrow-body ever, triggered dueling views in front of an aerospace-industry audience on Monday over which manufacturer could best replace […]

Market for Boeing 757 too small to replace with new model: CEO

American Airlines Boeing 757

There’s no current business case for reviving the Boeing 757. Boeing CEO Jim McNerney said there isn’t sufficient need for that model plane when he was asked about the still-popular long-range single-aisle aircraft at the Barclays Industrial Select Conference in Miami Wednesday. The Boeing 757 is larger than any of the current 737s, but with […]

Boeing Rejects Business Case for 757 Re-engining

United Airlines Boeing 757

Boeing vice-president Randy Tinseth says the company has studied reviving and re-engining the 757 “a couple” of times, but concluded that the economics do not make sense. “We’re not studying 757 re-engined replacements right now. It just doesn’t work,” says Tinseth, addressing the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance (PNAA) conference in Seattle. Tinseth was asked to […]

Airbus Makes a Bold Move Into the Boeing 757’s Territory

Airbus A321

For the past three decades, the Boeing 757 has occupied a unique spot among commercial aircraft. It is by far the largest and longest-range narrow-body jet. It is the only single-aisle plane capable of crossing the Atlantic. Being smaller than wide bodies, the 757 can profitably serve routes with lighter traffic. However, Boeing stopped building […]