American Airlines Delays New Deliveries From Boeing, Airbus

American Airlines and US Airways Tails

In late May, American Airlines Group Inc. CEO Doug Parker told Bloomberg News that his company would compete “aggressively” with discount carriers by adding more seats and cutting fares to keep flights full. Friday morning American said it would delay delivery of five new planes from Boeing Co. and 35 new planes from Airbus. Parker’s […]

American Airlines and United modified Dreamliner orders to enhance fleet mix – Boeing

American Airline 787 Dreamliner

Boeing executives said Tuesday that delays in airline orders for 787 Dreamliners from American and United airlines stemmed from matching aircraft with their needs, not any disappointment with the innovative aircraft. “Nothing about our fundamental view of the market has changed,” Jim McNerney, Boeing’s CEO, said during an investor day conference. “Airlines are increasingly profitable,” […]

American Airlines, US Airways get FAA approval to fly as one carrier

American Airlines and US Airways Tails

American Airlines, the world’s largest airline and the second-largest carrier at O’Hare International Airport, received its single operating certificate Wednesday from the FAA, an important behind-the-scenes milestone in its integration with US Airways. Now comes a potentially more difficult task: Aligning computer reservation systems into one without disrupting flights or vexing consumers. That changeover is […]

American Airlines will add Boeing 787 Dreamliner D/FW-to-Shanghai route in June

American Airline 787 Dreamliner

American Airlines will start flying the Boeing 787 Dreamliner nonstop to Shanghai on June 26, the same month it launches international flights to Beijing and Buenos Aires. All flights launch from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Tickets go on sale for the Shanghai Dreamliner flights on April 5. Fort Worth-based American started flying the D/FW Airport […]

U.S. Airlines Escalate Battle Against Their Gulf Rivals

US Air American Tails

Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, and American Airlines yesterday released evidence of what they call unfair subsidies given to their fastest-growing rivals, Emirates, Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways. The documents detail what the Big Three say is more than $42 billion in financial support the three Gulf airlines have received from their governments since 2004. […]

American to Fly 787s to Beijing and Buenos Aires

American Airlines 787

American Airlines will debut its new Boeing 787-8 aircraft on flights to Beijing and Buenos Aires from its Dallas/Fort Worth hub in June. The Dreamliner will enter service on flights between Dallas/Fort Worth International and Chicago O’Hare International airports on 7 May before shifting to the Fort Worth, Texas-based carrier’s new Dallas/Fort Worth-Beijing flight on […]

American Airlines Receives New Composite Boeing 787

American Airlines 787

Last week, American Airlines became the second US carrier to take delivery of the next-generation Boeing 787 aircraft. The aircraft principally uses composite material in its construct, making it lighter weight and less expensive to fly than earlier-generation widebodies. So far, United Airlines has been the only other US carrier to receive a 787. Forget […]

American Airlines Pilots’ Pay Up 23% in Tentative Contract

American Airlines Tails

American Airlines Group Inc.’s pilots union accepted a sweetened tentative agreement that would provide an immediate 23 percent pay increase to pilots, followed by additional raises in each year of the contract. The five-year agreement was accepted by leaders of the Allied Pilots Association and must be voted on by members after all of the […]

American Airlines To Upgrade Fleet And Finally Compete With Delta

American Airlines

Ask any regular passenger on American Airlines for an assessment of the carrier over the last couple of years and you’ll receive a raft of complaints. As the company slogs through its merger with US Airways, the user experience has lapsed. In-flight entertainment, while strong in the WiFi category, is still fairly weak in the […]