Should airlines be re-regulated?

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By Christopher Elliott The days of a freewheeling, lightly regulated airline industry, in which a carrier can charge whatever fees and fares it pleases, may be nearing an end. A confluence of events is pressuring government regulators to take action that, depending on your point of view, will make air travel less expensive or interfere […]

The World’s Most Punctual Airlines

Most punctual airlines

According to UK-based aviation data monitors OAG, airBaltic was the world’s most punctual airline in 2014. Latvia’s national carrier operated 42,000 flights to 40 different destinations last year and just under 95 percent of them arrived within 15 minutes of their scheduled arrival time. Hawaiian Airlines had the second best punctuality rate of all major […]

Which are the world’s safest airlines?

Aviation website has just released its annual list of the world’s 10 safest airlines. Once again, Australian airline Qantas grabs the top spot. “Qantas continues to lead the industry with safety innovations and its fleet is now the youngest — 7.9 years — it has been since the airline was privatized in 1995,” […]

Future Boeing Competitor Sees First Jet Certified in China

Comac ARJ21-700

China crossed a significant hurdle in its quest to someday become a direct Boeing competitor, when its first commercial transport jet won certification on Tuesday. True, the Comac ARJ21-700 is overweight, outdated and smaller than anything Boeing makes, but the twin-engine jet has landed 321 orders, nearly all of them from Chinese airlines. Certification for […]

Airliner Tragedies Cry Out For Real-Time Data

Malaysia Airlines Boeing 737-800

After more than two days of anxious waiting, searchers finally found bodies and debris from AirAsia Flight 8501 floating in the Java Sea on Tuesday. But the jet itself was still missing, officials could only guess why it crashed, and grieving families were left to suffer through the uncertainty. Needlessly. Technology has long existed to […]

Bombardier signs US$1.4 billion Contract for 24 CRJ900 NextGen aircrafts

Bombardier CRJ900 NextGen

Bombardier Aerospace announced today that a customer, who has requested to remain unidentified at this time, has placed a firm order for 16 CRJ900 NextGen regional jets and has also taken options for eight additional airliners of the same type. Based on the list price for the CRJ900 NextGen aircraft, the firm order is valued […]

Airline Changes to Frequent-flyer Programs Snub Rank-and-File Patrons

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This was the year in which airline passengers learned where they really stood with the big carriers they’ve been loyal to over the years. Beginning Jan. 1, Delta Air Lines will start handing out frequent-flyer miles based not on distance traveled, which is how it’s been up to now, but on dollars spent. Travelers who […]

Cheaper Fuel Could Mean Drop in Airline Ticket Prices

Airfare Ticket

While you’re saving money at the pump right now, it might be a few months before you notice cheaper airline ticket prices. After paying nearly $4 for a gallon of gas for several years, experts said most people probably aren’t changing their travel plans right away — even though prices have been cut in half. […]

Top 10 Airline Industry Stories For 2014

All Airliners 8 hours photo shoot

Here are top ten Airline stories for 2014, with a strong bias towards the U.S. airline industry. No. 1: The Wright amendment ends, and Love Field booms. For nearly 35 years, the federal law known as the Wright amendment kept the shackles on Dallas Love Field. On Oct. 13, the shackles came off, and airlines […]