ANALYSIS: Why China is the place to be for Airbus and Boeing

China Airlines Boeing 777-300ER

When Airbus launched a lower weight variant of the A330 pitched at the Chinese market last year, Boeing scoffed that its competitor was introducing old technology to China, with one salesperson going as far as to say it was an “insulting” move. The episode offers a telling glimpse into the fierce rivalry between the two […]

Airbus partners with Aerion to Develop Supersonic Business Jet

Aerion AS2

Allan McArtor of Airbus North America and executives from Aerion held a joint news conference at Aerion’s exhibit at the National Business Aviation Association’s annual convention to talk about the partnership between the two companies. Airbus and Aerion will work together to develop a multimillion-dollar supersonic business jet. They will collaborate on the jet’s development […]

Airbus and Boeing are at War on Two Fronts

Airbus A321neo

The campaign for market share between Airbus and Boeing is being fought on two fronts. In single-aisles, both airframers have adopted similar gameplans by re-engining existing models and – with bulging backlogs and plans to ramp up monthly production between now and the end of the decade – are in a head-to-head battle for market […]

Indian Airline Indigo agrees to order 250 jets from Airbus, worth $26 Billion

IndiGo Airbus A320

Airbus looks set to exceed 1,000 net orders this year after securing a provisional deal with Indian carrier IndiGo for 250 revamped A320neo jets, its sales chief said on Wednesday. Indian budget airline IndiGo has agreed to buy 250 A320 planes from Airbus, a purchase that could be worth nearly $26 billion and rank as […]

Boeing and Airbus: The Wide-Body Tug of War

Airbus A380 and Boeing 747

Wide-body planes form an essential part of aircraft makers’ business as they support a higher price tag than their narrow-body counterparts. Boeing predicts that in the coming two decades, 36,770 commercial planes valued at $5.2 trillion would be delivered by plane makers. The wide-body planes would account for 8,600 or 23% of the deliveries, but […]

Airbus Is Pitching Its A380 as the Perfect Aircraft for Mecca Pilgrimage

France Brazil Airbus

The Airbus Group NV A380 known for first-class suites, gold trimmings and deep-pile carpets faces a less luxurious future as a pilgrimage shuttle that may help revive flagging sales of the superjumbo. The double-decker flagship, priced at $414 million, could swap fine wines, bone china and lobster salads for narrow seats and frugal service as […]

What Emirates’ A350 Order Cancellation Means for Boeing and Airbus

Emirates Boeing Fleet

Airbus suffered a huge setback when its most-prized customer, Emirates , cancelled a multibillion-dollar deal for 70 A350-XWBs in June. What rubbed salt into the wound was that a month later, the Gulf carrier confirmed the order for 150 Boeing 777Xs. This has raised several questions regarding the relationship Emirates shares with the aviation majors. […]

Airbus Forecasts $US4.6 Trillion Jetliner Market

Airbus Group has forecast a global jetliner market of $US4.6 trillion ($5.1 trillion) over the next two decades, raising its outlook from last year and encouraging the plane maker to consider increasing aircraft production. Plane makers will combine to deliver 31,400 passenger jets that seat more than 100 passengers as well as freighters through 2033, […]

Global demand for aircraft projected at 27,000 in next 20 years

The global airlines will need an additional 27,000 planes in the next two decades, which is more than 1,000 aircraft per year, said a senior official of Airbus ProSky here on Wednesday. Addressing the fourth Arab Aviation and Media Summit 2014, Paul-Franck Bijou, chief executive officer of Airbus ProSky, said the Middle East region is […]