Airbus A380 Could Replace Boeing 747 on Hajj Trips – Morocco

Airbus A380

Morocco’s national carrier said the Airbus Group NV superjumbo is in the running to replace its sole Boeing Co. 747, opening up the possibility of the A380’s first order based around flights for the Muslim Hajj pilgrimage. Royal Air Maroc will issue an invitation to tender for the deal in the next three months, with […]

Passengers Hurt After Singapore Airlines Flight was Hit by Turbulence

Singapore Airlines Airbus A380

Twenty-two people were injured when a Singapore Airlines flight descending into Mumbai ran into turbulence on Saturday night. The injured included 14 crew and eight passengers, the airline said. Some were taken to a hospital for treatment. Singapore Airlines said the aircraft, an Airbus Group N.V. A380, had 408 passengers and 25 crew on board […]

O’Hare takes step to host huge Airbus A380

O Hare_Airport

The new runway that opened a year ago at O’Hare International Airport is both long and wide enough to handle the world’s largest passenger airplane. But the behemoth Airbus A380 jetliner is not yet flying to Chicago, in part because there isn’t a gate that can accommodate it. Soon that could change, Chicago aviation officials […]

Emirates in Market for up to 70 Airbus A380Neos

Emirates Airline’s fleet of Airbus A380s is sure to get bigger, but its next order for the Super Jumbo could be for an upgraded version of the aircraft should Airbus proceed with the development of the re-engined A380neo project to follow its A320neo and A330neo programmes. Speaking on the sidelines of the World Route Development […]

Airbus Report: The A380 is the Ideal Aircraft to Meet Rising Middle East Demand

According to the latest Airbus Global Market Forecast, air traffic in this dynamic region is expected to expand 6.4 per cent annually over the next 20 years – compared to 4.7 per cent for the rest of the world. This strong growth will be enabled by the region’s ideal geographic location for connecting major urban […]

Airbus and Qatar Airways Resolve a Three-Month Old Dispute, but Questions Remain

Airbus and Qatar Airways have resolved a three-month old dispute that had been blocking the delivery of the first of ten A380s ordered by the Gulf airline, industry sources said. Qatar Airways, which had refused to take delivery of the first three aircraft, citing concerns about the quality of the cabin interior, was not immediately […]

Airlines replacing paper manuals for tablets to cut fuel costs


It was very common to see Pilots carry bulky, black flight bags into the cockpit. New avionics technology has been gradually replacing the old paper based system; replacing paper aircraft’s operating manuals, safety checklists, logbooks for entering airplane performance data, navigation charts, weather information, airport diagrams. American Airlines has won regulatory approval to swap flight […]

Etihad set to launch its Airbus A380 and Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner operations in December

UAE national airline Etihad Airways is all set to launch its Airbus A380 and Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner operations in December, with additional flights on sale this week for both aircraft and an extensive pilot training program now under way, said a top official. During its first year of operations, the Airbus A380 will be deployed […]

Emirates Expands A380 Global Network

Emirates, a global connector of people and places, will over the next few months increase the number of destinations to which it flies its flagship A380 aircraft, providing more opportunities for Kenyans to enjoy and experience the A380 when they connect through Dubai to any of more than 30 destinations worldwide. In addition to current […]