Air India Considering Order for Fleet Of Boeing 737 Max for Expansion Plan

Air India

Air India Ltd (AI) is reportedly considering a fleet expansion and may place an order for Boeing 737-Max planes. A source with knowledge on the developments revealed the news to Bloomberg. The new order, if placed, will not replace the current fleet of Boeing 737s, but add to it. Indian carries are mulling over expanding […]

Air India Exploring Lease of Airbus A-320 Neos and Boeing 737 Max

Air India

Aiming at taking growing competition head-on, Air India is evaluating leasing fuel- efficient airplanes like Airbus A-320 neos for itself and Boeing 737 Max for its subsidiary Air India Express over the next three to six years. While the national carrier would be getting its 18th Boeing 787 Dreamliners in December, it has already started […]

Airline Startups In India Are Having A Tough Time Getting Off The Ground

The airline business is cutthroat in virtually every market in the world, but it is especially difficult for start-up airlines in India. Fuel prices and fickle passengers aside, start-up airlines in the country must contend with a truly suffocating piece of government regulation that hinders their growth. Although Indian tech start-ups seem to be doing […]

FAA grounds Air India Dreamliner

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Wednesday grounded an Air India Dreamliner in Seoul to examine its engines. The American regulator’s move came after some other airline’s aircraft saw an inflight failure of its General Electric (GE) engine. FAA then decided to ground all aircraft fitted with the same series of GE engines wherever […]

Air India to Join Star Alliance in July

Air India Ltd has joined the Star Alliance group of carriers, a spokesman said on Tuesday, a move that could help boost revenues at the loss-making state-run airline. Executives at Star Alliance met with Air India officials in London on Monday and agreed for the airline, which has been in talks to join since last […]