Virgin America

How Virgin America Plans to Take the U.S. Airline Industry by Storm

Virgin America made its public trading debut last Friday. Its first few days as a public company have been incredibly successful — at least from the perspective of early investors. Here’s how Virgin America plans to take the U.S. airline industry by storm. High unit revenue and low costs To hear Cush talk about it, Virgin America’s formula for long-term success is extremely simple: keep unit revenues high and unit costs low. Well, I think the key thing is understanding our model. Our model is we do have a premium product, we do generate a revenue premium to most of the industry, but we do it with a low-cost model. So we have a very pure low-cost model. We are single fleet type; we are point-to-point. That was really the original playbook for the low-cost model. So: high … [Read More...]

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380 Check

Watch a 55-Day Overhaul of the Largest Passenger Plane [VIDEO]

Every day, posts a cool plane spotting video for airliners. Check out all of our plane spotting videos. Want to submit your plane spotting video for consideration for Video of the Day? Message us HERE. Emirates’ very first mammoth Airbus A380 has racked up some crazy stats since first being delivered to the airline […]

Delta airlines

Delta Confirms it’s Going with Airbus in Big 50 Wide-Body Jet Order

Delta will go with Airbus in deal for 50 wide-body jets that would be worth more than $14 billion at list prices. The Wall Street Journal calls the order “a big victory for the European company in its battle with Boeing to sell long-range passenger aircraft.” Delta said it will buy 25 Airbus A350-900 jets […]


Russia Plans Development of Aircraft Manufacturing Hub like Boeing, Airbus — PM

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev set a task to establish an aircraft-making center equal to world companies by 2025, head of the government wrote on his social network account. “Our goal in aircraft-making is to set up an aircraft-manufacturing center comparable to companies like Boeing and Airbus by 2025, but both in military and civilian […]

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Emirates Airline Airbus A380

Gulf Based Airlines Closes Financing Deal For 16 Aircraft

Gulf-based airlines have closed financing agreements for a total of 16 Boeing and Airbus aircraft, according to statements from the carriers and banks involved. The region’s airlines are securing funds as they take delivery of what Boeing has forecast to be a need for 2,610 aircraft by 2033, valued at $550 billion. Dubai’s Emirates airline […]

Holiday travel

Five airline fees worth paying for the holidays

You pay more than enough for airfare, blowing it up with optional fees is crazy, right? Except during the holidays. Sometimes it pays to pay more, and here are five of the more useful fees plus one non-airline offering you should consider. 1. Early boarding If you are a typically disorganized family (or want to […]

Air Lair 1

Air Lair’s Passenger Personal Cocoon – Concept Design

Air Lair is a personal cocoon for the passenger with a double-decker configuration allowing for 30% more passengers within the same space. Within this enclosed environment the passenger is able to control their own personal space without disturbing other passenger or, for that matter, being disturbed by other passengers. Strategically placed lighting is used to […]

Sneezing in Airplane

How Sneezes Travel In Airplanes

At first, the video displays the virtual insides of a crowded passenger airplane. Then all of a sudden, one of the passengers seated in the middle “sneezes.” Hundreds of multicolored particles are jettisoned into the air, creating a rainbow-speckled cloud that lingers above everyone’s heads. The cloud dissolves, and the particles disperse, making their way […]

American Airlines 737-800 Eco Demonstrator in Flight

Why falling fuel costs aren’t passed along to airline travelers

U.S. airlines are saving tens of millions of dollars every week because of lower prices for jet fuel, their largest expense. So why don’t they share some of the savings with passengers? Simply put: Airlines have no compelling reason to offer any breaks. Planes are full. Investors want a payout. And new planes are on […]

Boeing 737 Max

World’s Most Popular Aircraft: Boeing 737 or Airbus A320?

Boeing Co. launched its 737 family of jets in 1964, and since then the company has snagged 12,257 firm orders for the plane. Airbus launched its competitor single-aisle, narrow-body family, the A320, in March 1984 and claims 11,021 firm orders since the A320’s launch. Boeing’s 20-year longevity lead tips the scales in the company’s favor, […]

Qantas John Travolta

Qantas bring in John Travolta to unveil new “retro” Boeing 737

QANTAS has named its “retro” Boeing 737 after former chief executive James Strong and celebrated its 94th birthday by bringing in film star John Travolta to officially unveil it in Seattle today. The 1970s livery marks the first time the famous winged kangaroo has been seen on an in-service Qantas plane since 1984. The airline […]

Airbus A320neo

Does Boeing Need More Than A 737 Max to Win the Narrow-Body Battle?

A few days back, Boeing announced that it plans to replace the 737 Max by 2030. In May, CEO Jim McNerney had said that Boeing won’t “pursue moonshots,” referring to the 787 Dreamliner. Without mincing words, he had called built-from-scratch programs “apocryphal risk.” In a complete u-turn, the company’s now showing keen interest in building […]

A350 Beluga

Airbus to Build Five A330-Based ‘Beluga’ Jets

Airbus Group NV will build five new Beluga transport planes based on its A330 widebody jet as the European plane maker seeks to secure its ability to meet increasing production demands. The first of the new Beluga jets is due for delivery in mid-2019, the Toulouse-based company said Monday. Airbus’s existing Beluga fleet is based […]

Boeing 737 MAX with updated winglets

What’s Next For Boeing?

On the tail of it’s two most recent aircraft launches, the Boeing 737 MAX and the 777X, Boeing is facing pressure to resurrect one of its classic and most popular aircraft, the 757. Production of the 757 ended almost exactly 10 years ago, but competitor Airbus has turned up the heat in the market segment. […]


Airliner Tracking to Become Norm

Prompted by the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, government and aviation-industry officials are set to announce global standards calling for airliners to automatically report their position at least every 15 minutes, according to people familiar with the details. In case of emergencies in which aircraft veer off anticipated flight paths, these people said, the […]

Airbus flying doughnut patent

Airbus Files Patent for UFO-style “Flying Doughnut”

Flying saucers, once the subject of 1970s science fiction films, could soon become a reality if Airbus has its way. Three engineers from the French-based aircraft manufacturer have filed a patent application for UFO-like “flying doughnut” aircraft. Development of the strikingly unusual plane would mean that passengers enter via steps leading up to “the access […]


KLM Introduces New Slimline Seating in B777-200ERs and Newer B777-300ERs

KLM has today unveiled new slimline seating for its fleet of B777 aircraft, which ply the Dutch carrier’s most important long distance routes. The new thinner seating will eventually be installed right across KLM’s fleet of older B777-200ERs and newer B777-300ERs. But, sadly, passengers will discover that the ten-across 3-4-3 layout already fitted to the […]

SkyWest Embraer 175

Embraer Forecasts Demand for 1000 Regional Jets in China

Embraer forecasts that 1,020 new 70 to 130-seat jets will be demanded by the Chinese regional aviation market by 2033, representing 16% of global deliveries of jets in that segment, as released in Embraer’s China Regional Aviation Market Outlook in a press conference today, during the 10th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition, in Zhuhai, […]