Coming Soon on JetBlue: Bag Fees, More Seats (less leg room)

Wall Street is finally getting its way with JetBlue. The airline had been one of the last to hold out against charging fliers more for checked bag. But JetBlue announced Wednesday that customers will soon have to pay extra if they want to do so, leaving Southwest as the last big U.S. airline that doesn't. JetBlue's bag charges will come as it rolls out multiple fare types sometime during the first half of 2015. The cheapest fare will be a basic one that will not include checked bags in the ticket price. The other two fare types will include the option for either one or two checked bags as well as increased frequent-flier points and other perks. JetBlue did not specify how much more expensive bag-inclusive fares would be, noting that the fare types would fluctuate by route and in … [Read More...]

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Air Lair 1

Air Lair’s Passenger Personal Cocoon – Concept Design

Air Lair is a personal cocoon for the passenger with a double-decker configuration allowing for 30% more passengers within the same space. Within this enclosed environment the passenger is able to control their own personal space without disturbing other passenger or, for that matter, being disturbed by other passengers. Strategically placed lighting is used to […]

Sneezing in Airplane

How Sneezes Travel In Airplanes

At first, the video displays the virtual insides of a crowded passenger airplane. Then all of a sudden, one of the passengers seated in the middle “sneezes.” Hundreds of multicolored particles are jettisoned into the air, creating a rainbow-speckled cloud that lingers above everyone’s heads. The cloud dissolves, and the particles disperse, making their way […]

American Airlines 737-800 Eco Demonstrator in Flight

Why falling fuel costs aren’t passed along to airline travelers

U.S. airlines are saving tens of millions of dollars every week because of lower prices for jet fuel, their largest expense. So why don’t they share some of the savings with passengers? Simply put: Airlines have no compelling reason to offer any breaks. Planes are full. Investors want a payout. And new planes are on […]

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Airliner Tracking to Become Norm

Prompted by the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, government and aviation-industry officials are set to announce global standards calling for airliners to automatically report their position at least every 15 minutes, according to people familiar with the details. In case of emergencies in which aircraft veer off anticipated flight paths, these people said, the […]

Airbus flying doughnut patent

Airbus Files Patent for UFO-style “Flying Doughnut”

Flying saucers, once the subject of 1970s science fiction films, could soon become a reality if Airbus has its way. Three engineers from the French-based aircraft manufacturer have filed a patent application for UFO-like “flying doughnut” aircraft. Development of the strikingly unusual plane would mean that passengers enter via steps leading up to “the access […]


KLM Introduces New Slimline Seating in B777-200ERs and Newer B777-300ERs

KLM has today unveiled new slimline seating for its fleet of B777 aircraft, which ply the Dutch carrier’s most important long distance routes. The new thinner seating will eventually be installed right across KLM’s fleet of older B777-200ERs and newer B777-300ERs. But, sadly, passengers will discover that the ten-across 3-4-3 layout already fitted to the […]

SkyWest Embraer 175

Embraer Forecasts Demand for 1000 Regional Jets in China

Embraer forecasts that 1,020 new 70 to 130-seat jets will be demanded by the Chinese regional aviation market by 2033, representing 16% of global deliveries of jets in that segment, as released in Embraer’s China Regional Aviation Market Outlook in a press conference today, during the 10th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition, in Zhuhai, […]

Learjet 70

How Bombardier’s CSeries Woes Led to Neglect of its Learjet Private-Jet Business

Having a high-profile customer like U2 lead singer Bono is always a good thing for a company’s brand — until something goes wrong. Bombardier discovered this Wednesday when the baggage door on Bono’s Learjet 60 fell off mid-flight between Dublin and Berlin. Two pieces of luggage were reportedly lost somewhere over Germany, but no one […]

British Airways Airbus A350

Emirates hopes for talks with Airbus on A350 in next few months

Dubai’s Emirates hopes to talk to plane maker Airbus in the next few months over possibly buying A350 planes after it unexpectedly cancelled an order for 70 in June, the airline’s president Tim Clark said on Thursday. The cancellation of the wide-body planes was a blow for Airbus and Clark acknowledged he was not “flavour […]

Airbus A350

Airbus A350 Jetliner Approved by FAA

Planemaker Airbus said on Wednesday the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) had given safety approval to its newest and most technically advanced airliner, the A350. Airbus already won European safety approval in September for the A350, clearing the main regulatory hurdle before the jet can fly passengers, but approval from the U.S. regulator was seen […]

JAL Airbus A350

Faster A350 Rate Would Feed Chinese Demand

Chinese demand is a factor behind Airbus’s keenness to build the A350 faster than the rate of 10 a month planned for 2018. “We don’t have many early delivery slots to offer customers in China,” and none before 2020, says Airbus China President Eric Chen, adding that more A350s would have been sold to Chinese […]

Qatar Airways Boeing 787

Gulf carriers’ business model sustainable for decades: Boeing

The Gulf airlines, predominantly Emirates, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways have played off their geographical location to establish themselves as some of the most influential airlines in the world. “The business model is obviously successful today; the UAE have essentially become the Hong Kong of this century,” McNerney said in Abu Dhabi. Hong Kong, utilising […]

Aeromexico Boeing 787

Boeing Gives Away a 787

Last August, we reported that Boeing Co. had 11 pre-production 787 Dreamliners parked on the tarmac that had been for sale at substantial discounts but no potential customers to buy them. This past Saturday, Boeing donated one of the first three test planes to Seattle’s Museum of Flight. The three planes have already been written […]

Southwest Airlines Boeing 777 MAX 7

No Plans For Assembly Line In China, Says Boeing

Boeing has steadfastly resisted the idea that it should assemble aircraft in China, arguing there are other ways to invest significantly in the country. The U.S. manufacturer to date only assembles aircraft in the U.S. and has no plans to have an assembly plant here, says Boeing China president Ian Thomas. This is despite the […]

Boeing’s 737 MAX Closes The Gap With Airbus’ A320 neo

Boeing has received an order for 80 737 MAX-8s from SMBC Aviation Capital of Japan. This is the largest single order for the 737 MAX from a leasing company since the plane’s launch in late 2011. At a list price of $107 million per 737 MAX-8, this order translates to a deal worth $8.5 billion […]

ALC Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Airbus Builds Ties with Asia

Airbus is strengthening its presence in Asia – a market which is shaping up as a key battleground for competition with rival Boeing. Both companies have won billions of dollars in orders from leasing companies in the past three months in what is the fastest growing aviation market in the world. Airbus says Asia is […]

Airbus A321neo

Need to Replace a Boeing 757? Call Airbus

It’s been nearly nine years since Boeing delivered its last Boeing 757, and Airbus Group is looking to take over the Boeing 757 slot with a model of its own. With airline profits growing and the aircraft manufacturing industry booming, what is Airbus bringing to the game to capture Boeing 757 market share? Neo series […]