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Airbus A380, the Big Star at Dubai Airport, Faces a Pivotal Year

A new report said the Airbus A380, the airplane that landed in the middle of the controversy involving the Gulf airlines, is entering a pivotal year. That’s because the airplane’s principal buyer, Emirates President Tim Clark, is calling for an updated, more efficient, re-engined version, an A380neo. Clark wants seat costs to decline by 10%. […]

Germanwings crash scene 2

Why did Germanwings Airbus A320 crash?

Aviation experts are focusing on the possibility that key sensors on the Germanwings Airbus A320 could have iced up, causing the aircraft to descend rapidly. Oher theories being advanced in the immediate aftermath of the crash was that the crew could have been incapacitated by a sudden loss of pressure. Even though it will take […]

Germanwings crash scene

Germanwings Plane Crash: Glide to Destruction ‘took 18 minutes not 8′

Evidence emerged today that the unexplained, gradual dive to destruction of Germanwings Flight 9525 took at least 18 minutes, not eight. The French environment and transport minister, Ségolène Royal, said that the crew of the Airbus A320 had stopped responding on radio at 10.30am yesterday when the aircraft was over the Mediterranean. The aircraft slammed […]

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Growth of Gulf Airlines

France, Germany Protest Gulf Carrier Encroachment

As U.S. airlines and labor unions launch their campaign against alleged subsidies for the “Big Three” Gulf carriers, the debate is already well underway in Europe. Key players in transport policy seek a new agreement with Gulf states to regulate subsidies, but Gulf countries and carriers are strongly resisting the effort. While the white paper […]

Skymark A380

Airbus Group Demands $700 Million Against Skymark Airlines Inc Cancelled Orders

AIRBUS GROUP has filed a request with the Tokyo District Court demanding $700 million from Japanese Skymark Airlines Inc, which was earlier unable to pay the installment fees of its order of 6 Airbus A380 super jumbos in July 2014. The airline has liabilities of over 200 billion Yen ($1.7 billion), which it has to […]

Luftansa A321

Lufthansa airliner nearly crashed in November, airline admits

Photo Source An Airbus A321 plane operated by Lufthansa nearly crashed four months ago after some of its outside sensors iced over, German news magazine Der Spiegel reported Friday. Lufthansa confirmed Friday to dpa that there had been an incident which was not made public at the time of the November 5 flight from Bilbao, […]

Air India

Air India Held A Job Fair And No One Showed Up

Air India hosted a job fair earlier this week in hopes of filling at least some of the 197 vacant pilot spots for its Airbus fleet, alone. Not a single applicant showed up. Not. One. Air India’s shortage of cabin crew is well known. The problem is so severe that it’s faced frequent flight delays […]

Honda Jet

The HondaJet’s Brand-New Engine Is Finally Approved For Flight

Honda Aircraft recently debuted their first production HondaJet, and the over-the-wing aircraft design is anticipated to revolutionize the light jet market. The engines are also new and so is the company created specifically to build them. Honda Aero is the first new company approved to build jet engines in 23 years. The majority of the […]

Bombardier CSeries Landing

Has Bombardier Inc. Finally Found its Mojo?

Since Bombardier Inc. cancelled its dividend and announced it would be taking on more debt, investors have been clamouring for any good news about the company. The CSeries, which has become the bane of most Bombardier investors, has fallen two years behind schedule and its price has ballooned by over US$1.5 billion. It now seems […]

SunExpress 737 MAX 8

Why the World Loves the Boeing 737

The single-aisle 737 has been Boeing Co.’s best-selling model for years and makes up for three-fourth of its total backlog. The successful run has only gotten better with the newly launched 737 Max as Boeing has promised the aircraft’s operating cost would be lower than its competitors. The past year saw amazing demand for the […]

Airbus A380

Superduperjumbo: Airbus Markets a Higher Seat Count on Its A380 Jet

The Airbus A380 superjumbo plane has just gotten bigger—at least on paper. Airbus Group NV has upped the advertised average seat count on its flagship plane in a bid to convince airlines the double-decker jetliner is a money maker. Until recently promoted as a plane carrying on average 525 passengers, Airbus now markets the plane […]

JAL Boeing 777

What Is Boeing’s Most Profitable Plane?

Everyone knows that Boeing is a plane maker. That’s what they do. But Boeing makes a lot of planes, and a lot of different kinds of planes — from the ultrapopular 737 to the iconic 747 jumbo jet to the paradigm-shifting 787 “composite” Dreamliner. At last count, the company had something on the order of […]

Embraer E2 Cabin

Embraer shows off its next ‘no middle seats’ E2 cabin

The full scale mockup of the next version of the E-jet family, the E2 series, was shown to the media in Sydney today, and to be frank, it was a stunning display. The key feature of the E-jets today, two by two seats, that is, with no middle seats being possible, is of course retained. […]

Boeing ecoDemonstrator 757

Boeing ecoDemonstrator 757 Flight Tests Focus on Aerodynamic Efficiency

Boeing has begun several months of flights with its ecoDemonstrator 757 to evaluate new technologies to improve commercial aviation’s efficiency, reduce noise and carbon emissions. Boeing is collaborating with TUI Group and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) on ecoDemonstrator 757 tests. The 757 flight tests continue the ecoDemonstrator Program’s multi-year effort to accelerate […]

Antonov An-124-100

Boeing Suppliers Use Ukrainian-Built Antonov Jets to Keep Supplies Flowing

Boeing Co. and its suppliers have turned to giant, Ukrainian-made cargo jets to keep its supply chain running smoothly, partially in response to disruptions at U.S. West coast ports from a recent labor dispute there. The aerospace giant’s top commercial-airplane executive on Tuesday said disruptions have continued even after the parties in that disagreement reached […]

Bombardier CSeries

New Malaysia Airline Plans to Buy Bombardier CSeries Jets Worth $1.5 Billion

A new privately held Malaysian airline intends to buy 20 Bombardier Inc CS100 aircraft for $1.5 billion, in what could be the Canadian planemaker’s first order in Southeast Asia for its long-delayed CSeries passenger jet program. The airline, called flymojo, could also buy 20 more aircraft, which would raise the value of the deal to […]