Flying to Cuba — How Long Will It Take U.S. Airlines to Rev Up Flights?

United Airlines Boeing 787

The renewal of diplomatic ties to Cuba has unleashed a surge of interest from U.S. travelers. But there’s still one problem: How to get there? Despite all the buzz generated by President Obama’s recent call for detente with the island nation, the question of when a flight to Havana can be as easily booked as […]

How Airplanes Are Made

Airbus A350 Airframe

Building a commercial airplane is a monumental task. It takes around 4,000 really smart engineers over 7 years of planning to make one of those flying tubes with countless experts testing and re-testing each individual part (and there are 2.65 million parts in an Airbus a350). This video shows you how they make one. More… […]

Boeing On Target For 787 Deliveries, Though Costs Are A Concern

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Boeing Co has more than enough 787 Dreamliners in the production pipeline to meet its year-end delivery target of 110 aircraft, despite concerns a shortage of seats could cause the world’s biggest aircraft maker to miss its target, according to industry experts and a Reuters review of its factory. A Reuters survey of jets in […]

Airbus’s Big A380 Plane Has a Small (Order) Problem

Airbus A380

Airbus’s double-decker A380 wide-body has generated more than its share of buzz. That’s understandable for a plane that can carry as many as 850 passengers and be tricked out with shower suites (on Emirates Airline and Etihad Airways), personal butlers (on Etihad), and stand-up bars for gregarious business-class passengers (on Qatar Airways, Korean Air Lines, […]

Is an Airbus A380neo coming soon?


An Airbus executive earlier this month caused some waves when he suggested the possibility of halting production of the A380 superjumbo. But the other option was an upgrade, and there seems to be increasing evidence that that is where the company is headed. According to a report from Aviation Week, Airbus is accelerating its studies […]

What’s In Store For The A380?

Airbus A350 Engines on an A380

When Airbus Group CFO Harald Wilhelm formally opened the company’s global investor forum last week, he politely mentioned that he had very much looked forward to the event, which he viewed as a “highlight of the year.” But hours later, the highlight had turned into a disaster that will be hard to forget. The event […]

Boeing Looks Set To Beat Airbus In Orders And Deliveries In 2014

Boeing 777

Boeing is set to beat competitor Airbus in the race for new commercial airplane orders and deliveries in 2014. Through November this year, Boeing has received net orders for 1,274 commercial airplanes, while Airbus has received net orders for 1,031 commercial airplanes. The launch of the wide-body 777X by Boeing in late 2013 has boosted […]