United 787 Makes Emergency Landing at Houston Due to Brake Issue

United Airlines Boeing 787 takes off from Everett, WA (photo courtesy of United Airlines)

United Airlines Boeing 787 has another mechanical problem that forced a diversion…this one to Houston Bush.

A United Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner was forced to return to Houston International Airport (IAH) due to an apparent problem with its brake system.

‘”United flight 94 from Houston to Denver returned to Houston Sunday due to a brake indicator issue,” the US carrier said.

“Following standard operating procedures, as a precautionary measure, the flight landed in emergency status. The aircraft landed safely at 11:58 am CT (around 10:30 pm on Sunday) and our maintenance team is conducting a review of the aircraft,” the statement continued.

A Boeing spokeswoman said the problem with the braking system forced the plane “back to base,” without giving details of the malfunction or how long it might take to repair it.’

There were no injuries reported.

On June 19th, a United Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner flying from Denver to Tokyo diverted to Seattle-Tacoma Airport due to an engine oil issue and on June 21st a United 787 flying from London to Houston diverted to Newark Airport on when pilots detected another oil issue, although Boeing has said those two issues were not related.



  1. Monnides says

    These problems with the B-787 are normal when a new model is being release commercially, what is not normal is when an airplane run out of toilet paper it becomes a big deal. When the B-777 was launched they had a very similar number of issues, what has changed is we now have multitude of webpage reporting……….. Wait till the A-350 becomes commercial………..

  2. Thomas Clark says

    How long are y’all going to nitpick every log book squawk that gets written up on this aircraft??????

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