FAA Issues Airworthiness Directive for Certain Airbus A319 thru A321 Jets, Rudder Issues


The FAA is superseding an existing airworthiness directive (AD) for certain Airbus Model A318, A319, A320, and A321 series airplanes.

That AD currently requires one-time and repetitive inspections of specific areas and, when necessary, corrective actions for those rudders where production rework has been identified.

This new AD adds airplanes with certain rudders to the AD applicability; changes an inspection type for certain reinforced rudder areas; requires pre-inspections and repairs if needed; and requires permanent restoration of vacuum loss holes. This AD also requires additional inspections for certain rudders and repair if needed, and requires replacement of certain rudders with new rudders.

This AD was prompted by reports of surface defects on rudders that were the result of debonding between the skin and honeycomb core. We are issuing this AD to detect and correct extended de-bonding, which might degrade the structural integrity of the rudder. The loss of the rudder leads to degradation of the handling qualities and reduces the controllability of the airplane.


  1. Monnides says

    I thought Airbus was the perfect company manufacturing perfect planes according to John Leahy…………..

      • Monnides says

        They both manufacture excellent planes otherwise they would not be there. My comment was directed to Mr. Leahy who sometimes lack courtesy and use words like B-777 is a dog, the 777 is dead and it is paper plane and the list goes on and on. This is poor salesmanship, he cannot open his mouth without attacking his competition.

          • Monnides says

            John Leahy might be a good salesman if one consider the number of planes he sold, but I am referring to his character, he is opiniated, makes comments without having all the facts. He is arrogant. A good PROFESSIONAL salesman does not attack the competition with negative comments, a good salesman sell a product based on the quality and price of his product not always trying to destroy the competition. By the way you must be European, they are the only one who loves Leahy (specially the French)

            • Airbus vs Boeing says

              I don’t find him arrogant or any of the things you mentioned but that is personal. And he has all the rights to be arrogant after Airbus does make the best planes ever in my opinion.

              • Monnides says

                Well this your opinion, “Airbus make the best planes” , on what basis can you assume this , if this would be the case that Airbus make the best planes, Boeing will not sell many planes , they are nose to nose with Airbus, hundreds of airlines (after all they buy on price and quality like anybody else) have bought and still buying Boeing because their perform as good as Airbus. Leahy is an arrogant character. As mentioned before you must be European

                • Airbus vs Boeing says

                  Since we are going nowhere with this I’m leaving…and wetter or not I’m European I am European at heart. And no John Leahy is NOT arrogant he just a damn good (the best) salesman out there and that is why Airbus has him and not Boeing even if he is from the USA.

                  • Monnides says

                    One thing we agree on is we are going nowhere I am leaving to, you are an Airbus fan and I am a Boeing fan period.
                    good luck

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