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United 787 Makes Emergency Landing at Seattle with Mechanical Issue

| June 19, 2013 | 7 Comments
United Airlines Boeing 787 at Seattle

United Airlines Boeing 787 at Seattle (photo courtesy of United)

A United Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner flying from Denver to Tokyo yesterday diverted to Seattle-Tacoma Airport due to a mechanical issue.

According to reports, the plane developed a problem with one of the engine’s oil filters.

‘United Airlines flight 139 landed safely at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport shortly after 5 p.m. mountain time. The nonstop flight from Denver International Airport to Narita International Airport took off at 1:19 p.m.’

There were no injuries reported. Passengers were put on other flights to Tokyo.

The emergency landing comes just one week after the launch of the direct route from Denver to Tokyo. The launch date was for the much-heralded flight was pushed back twice due to problems with the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which was plagued with problems and was grounded for several weeks while Boeing sought a solution to its battery problems.


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  1. skylloyd says:

    Airplanes all over the world experience problems everyday, but let the 787 have a hiccup and it’s a media feeding frenzy !

  2. David Barnshaw says:

    The next one for the media to ‘have a go’ at will be the Airbus350 when that enters airline service,just look at the problems they are still having with the A330 and the A380,one of the supposed problems with the 787 is the choice of engines-GE or RR,still,in true tradition Boeing will soon get it sorted.

  3. Dave Blevins says:

    Really ? Media showing it’s ignorance again.

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