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Ural Airlines A321 Jet Strikes Tail During Go-Around at Hurghada

| March 2, 2013 | 3 Comments
Ural Airline Airbus A321

Ural Airline Airbus A321

A Ural Airlines Airbus A321 jet sustained substantial damage after striking its tail (‘tail strike’) on Thursday when it was initiating a go-around at Hurghada Airport in Egypt.

Flight 3759 was able to land safely the next time around and no passengers were injured, according to reports.

The weather was reported to be clear with some light winds.

An investigation has been launched.


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  1. Exuma Guy says:

    The A-321 is prone to tail-strikes. The tail will hit the runway at 10.9 degrees with struts fully compressed. There is no bumper to prevent damage to the tail. Damage repair can approach $2 million.

  2. Shawn says:

    Sometimes I have wondered, why don’t they move the main landing gear further back. Wouldn’t that totally prevent tailstrikes and allow for more abrupt pullups in the event of an emergency?

    • Exuma Guy says:

      @Shawn- No. Moving the main gear aft will increase the portion of weight on the nose landing gear. The tail will have to push down harder (more up elevator) to raise a heavier nose, thereby decreasing it’s effectiveness. The entire fuselage (forward and aft) would have to be strengthened to accommodate the heavier landing loads on the nose gear which will increase over-all weight which will increase fuel consumption which will reduce range and payload. Abrupt pull-ups in a transport category airplane certified to only 2.0 G’s (flaps and slats extended) is asking for trouble.

      Moving the main gear aft will result in more of this-

      and this-

      Tail strikes are easier to repair.

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