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American Airlines and US Airways Agree to Merge – UPDATE

| February 13, 2013 | 5 Comments
US Airways American Airlines

American Airlines and US Airways have agreed to merge according to reports

American Airlines and US Airways in a vote today have agreed to merge with the official announcement coming Thursday morning, sources have told

The merger between Ft. Worth-based American and Tempe, Arizona-based US Airways will create the world’s largest airline.

Terry Maxon, a well-respected reporter from The Dallas Morning News, has also reported the following:

‘We are working on our story saying that American Airlines and US Airways will announce their merger Thursday. Bloomberg reported mid-afternoon Wednesday a deal has been worked out to be presented to the respective boards of directors, and that the boards are meeting to approve the agreement.’

We’ve been told the vote has already concluded.

US Airways chief Doug Parker will head the combined company, and American CEO Tom Horton will essentially have a figurehead role before leaving the company at a later date.



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  1. Jeremiah says:

    One has to wonder if the continue cycle has consolidation benefits anybody besides Wall Street. Merging two mediocre airlines will equal one more inferior colassal mega carrier. Fly on almost any Asian carrier and the contrasts underscores just how far American carriers have fallen.

    • Exuma Guy says:

      Having flown ASEAN low-cost carriers and flag carriers, I am interested in the differences you reference. Why do you think Asian airlines are superior to USA carriers?

      • TR says:

        I can tell you. #1 they are very friendly, 2, Their professional appearance. (I.e they are not obese ,uniform looks like a potato sack, ) 3 , they take personal pride in the company.
        These Asian airlines remind me of a former airline. Pan Am, now that airline was the envy of all American Airlines.
        There you have just a few reasons.

  2. TR says:

    Congrats American and USAirways. Glad to see this happen ,maybe you’ll do better than the last big merger.

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