PIA Flight 259 Suffers Landing Gear Collapse After Landing at Muscat [PHOTO]

PIA Boeing 737-300 at Muscat Airport

PIA Boeing 737-300 at Muscat Airport with damage to the left side of aircraft

A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) jet made a seemingly normal landing at Muscat International Airport (Oman) today…until the left side landing gear collapsed.

PIA Flight 259 was a Boeing 737-300 jet with a serial number of AP-BEH.

“All the 108 passengers and crew are safe,” Bashiruddin Khan, PIA country Manager in Muscat, told Gulf News.

The jet has suffered major damage to the landing gear, wing and the engine.

The flight was inbound from Sialkot (Pakistan).

There has been no statement from the airline and the cause it not yet known.

PIA had to ground 16 jets in January for lack of spare parts.



  1. says

    Sounds like one of those ….areas …on the plane…..you don’t know..there’s problems…….until it happens….
    Is their preventive maintenance…..
    if no spare parts…..??!!
    ……and maybe those spare parts are actually already on the plane…..

  2. sye989 says

    Landing gear failed.—Take missed approach—-climb few thousand feet—Retract fewer times—the Aircraft will land safely.Also being the fact,even if pilot has landed thoushands of flights of the same Aircraft,doesn’t mean at all that he will land the other one safely.Pilot has to be straight and level not when Airborne only but also at the Final Approach Fix.After all PIA has long gone maintenance issues.Just see the weather is bright and sunny daytime.

    • Exuma Guy says

      @ sye999, According to another article on this incident, the gear collapsed after touch-down. In that case, the safer course of action is NOT to perform a missed approach, but to stay on the runway under directional control until it stops.

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