ANA Boeing 787 Lands in Japan with Cracked Windshield-UPDATE

ANA Boeing 787

ANA Boeing 787 (file photo)

In the 4th incident involving Boeing’s new 787 Dreamliner, an All Nippon Airways (ANA) 787 plane landed at Matsuyama Airport in Western Japan with a cracked cockpit windshield on Friday.

The crack on the 787 ANA flight, which was inbound from Tokyo’s Haneda Airport, was discovered about 70 minutes into Friday’s flight. The flight landed safely.

‘ANA said crew noticed a spider web-like crack in a window in front of the pilot’s seat about 70 minutes into Friday’s flight, which was close to its destination.

“Cracks appear a few times every year in other planes. We don’t see this as a sign of a fundamental problem” with Boeing aircraft, a spokesman for the airline said.’

Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner has had a string of problems this week (to read the other 787 issues click HERE) and has prompted a joint investigation between Boeing and the FAA.

As Boeing stated above, windshield cracks DO happen from time to time and aren’t an indicator of a major problem.

I’m sure Boeing is not happy with the timing…



A Second ANA 787 Found to Have Oil Leak from One of the Engines


  1. Shawn White says

    Would be humorous to look into Airbus sabotage :} Hope they get these things fixed out, since I still want to fly on the dreamliner soon,..

  2. Ken Riley says

    well, it’s ironic isn’t it that so many glitches have hit the 787 in such a short space of time! I’m sure they will soon be ironed out, and that it will go on to be a great success. Still, it raises a smile as Boeing were in the ascendancy when Airbus had red faces over the wing-cracking issues with the A380;- now the boot is on the other foot!!

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