Ex-American CEO Bob Crandall Shares His Views on a Possible AA-US Airways Merger [VIDEO]

American Airlines MD-80

American Airlines

Ex-American CEO Bob Crandall has posted a Youtube video on his thoughts on the possible American AirlinesUS Airways merger.

In the video Crandall points out a variety of challenges that exist in a potential merger. Crandall, however, supports a merger if a pilot seniority agreement can be reached between the two carriers…


  1. Jim says

    A very wise man, Mr. Crandall is. Putting the horse in the proper perspective: before the cart. Leaving seniority issues to be adjudicated by a neutral, a court, or a mediator is seldom fair in the eyes of the effected. Relative position is never a really fair proposal, in that, folks who are much more junior go ahead of senior folks because of their relative position in the airline being absorbed. Case in point: Many National Airlines pilots, who were absorbed into Pan Am when the merger occurred between the two went ahead of United Airlines pilots, who were much more senior by date of hire than the National pilots when United purchased part of Pan Am and took approximately 750 Pam Am (including some previous National) pilots. National pilots were given “Super Seniority” with Pan Am by adjudication. Conversely, When UAL purchased some of Eastern Airlines, the Eastern pilots were brought in at the bottom of the seniority list at United. If the parties would have agreed prior to mergers or purchases, a more equitable result, date-of-hire and seniority wise, would have occurred. These are the situations, of which, Mr. Crandall alludes. Just look at the mess still going on at US Airways. They don’t have a cohesive seniority list with the America West pilots, and the merger occurred 7 years ago. Try putting these two groups together with AA, AFTER a merger and all hell will break loose. I wish the folks at all three airlines best of luck, but you better follow Mr. Crandall’s advice, merge the pilot and flight attendant seniority lists BEFORE the merger, otherwise everyone will be fighting everyone. In today’s economic climate, you’re going to need all of the co-operation you can possibly muster to go against the competition. Once you loose a customer, he may be gone forever.

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