United Airlines 787 Dreamliner Diverts to New Orleans for Emergency Landing-UPDATE

United Airlines Boeing 787

United Airlines Boeing 787

A United Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner scheduled to fly from Houston Bush (IAH) to Newark International (EWR) this morning diverted for an emergency landing at New Orleans (MSY) due to an undisclosed technical problem.

United Flight 1146, with 174 passengers and 10 crew, landed without incident at New Orleans at 9:25 AM.

‘As per standard procedure when an emergency is declared, fire trucks met the airplane as it landed.

The airline was putting passengers on a different aircraft to get them to Newark.

The cause was not immediately disclosed.

“United will work with Boeing to review the diversion and determine the cause,” airline spokeswoman Christen David said in a statement.’

The plane is the newest of three Boeing 787s that have been delivered to United. This particular plane was delivered on November 20th.

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United Airlines says generator failure forced landing of 787 in New Orleans


  1. Barry G. says

    Japan Air Lines 787 made its first flight from Japan to San Diego, a 9 hour plus flight and finished the race. There will be many more races and Boeing will prevail!

  2. says

    United’s gates at MSY are usually configured for A320s, 737’s, and 757’s. wonder if that Dreamliner was a tight squeeze into those gates.

  3. Richard Wyeroski says

    The cause…… was not immediately disclosed?
    …..an undisclosed technical problem?

    Don’t scare the people!

    So will we ever know the problem?


  4. Dave Blevins says

    Hard to read some of these posts, as a retired pilot myself, knowing how bad the FAA/NTSB is run today. I have only met a handfull of inspectors in my career of helicopter flying that were good at their job. I’ve only met one that was a good supervisor to those in his charge. That was in 1982. This article is typical of “smoke and mirrors” reporting by the “faa”. Failed leadership. So, how do we help fix that ?

    • Edward Jeszka says

      Dave, The FAA/NTSB failure to perform adequate safety oversight is going to be difficult for them to keep out of the media spotlight. They will try in any event. The agencies, both FAA and NTSB, have failed long ago in being able to prevent disasters. They are in the business of telling folks what happened in their opinion that caused the disaster. That is why the nickname “Tombstone Agency” has stuck on them for so long.

      When they aren’t trusted then real issues are buried instead of discussed between aviators and the regulators. That is the abuse of authority syndrome that so many inspectors carry around with them. It is very sad that the good inspectors, and I know a number of them, have to work in the shadow of the inept, dishonest and untrustworthy employees that are surging to the top. Congress is going to have to take notice. I just hope it doesn’t take a monumental disaster before that happens.

      You know what rises as well as I do. In the FAA it just rises faster.

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