PIA 747’s Engine Catches Fire in Karachi Just Before Takeoff

PIA 747

PIA 747

Tense Moments on Board as Smoke from Fire Made its Way into Cabin According to Reports

A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Boeing 747 had to abort its flight on Sunday when one of its engines caught fire as it was taxiing down the runway in preparation for takeoff.

PIA Flight 308, with 402 passengers on board, was bound for Islamabad and preparing for departure when the incident occurred. Members of Pakistan’s national assembly and a Federal Minister where on board the jet:

‘Talking exclusively to Geo News, Federal Minister, Maula Bux Chandio, who was on board PK-308, slammed PIA for its mismanagement and utter incompetence.

“Smoke billowing out of the burning engine escaped into fuselage after they opened the emergency exit hatch. It was so asphyxiating in there. I saw many passengers, who were not feeling well at all, gasping for air”, said he.’

Another Parliamentarian, Yousuf Talpur, who was also on the plane, picked apart PIA for risking passengers’ lives by using planes which should have been retired by now.

‘”The entry of this very aircraft we were on board is banned in Europe and America. PIA flies it domestically only” he revealed.

He said the passengers remained trapped in the plane for nearly two hours that too without fresh air to breathe.

Secretary Production, Gul Mohammad Rind, who was also among the passengers, lamented PIA officials’ apathy at the time of distress.

“No PIA officer bothered to console us. They seemed so indifferent to this whole ordeal. They were pathetic” Rind told Geo News.

He also added that the doors of the plane auto-locked and they could find no way out.

“The captain also locked himself in the cockpit”, Rind added.’

According to sources, Minister for Defence, Syed Naveed Qamar, taking prompt action, has tasked the PIA authorities with an immediate report over the incident.



  1. Richard Wyeroski says

    I remember a time when engine failures were few and far between. Now it is almost an everyday occurrence along with system failures.

    I blame outsourcing and lack of accountability. We want to know what happened here? Where is this aircraft maintained and who is going to be held responsible?

    Questions questions and no answers!

    Rich Wyeroski

    • PALPA says

      There was no fire in the engine, the a/c 4th engine failed to start due start valve stucked in close position. The engineering worked on the engine valve and told the Capt to start it again and during start the unburned fuel in the engine made a fire flash which was seen by some pax at the back and reported as a fire. The media in Pakistan is uncontrolled nowadays and they don’t have any aviation expert people to cover aviation news so what ever they hear from people they broadcast it with a breaking news without verifying it and want to be first to air the news.

  2. JENNIFER says

    I have read the original report by clicking ‘…more’, it is a word in blue below the article that if people bothered to find then a more balanced response can be facilitated.

    The article above is flawed but the original report was balanced and in my opinion rare to see given current issues with the press here in UK. They wrote that the aircraft was enroute to the runway, not taxi-ing down the runway, they wrote that unburnt fuel ignited during an effort to start the engine concerned. I think that anyone that has observed the start up of turbines, a flare of flame sometimes occurs as a normal effect of obtaining combustion and thus the perpetual motion necessary for a jet engine to operate.

    Sadly some of the passengers saw this as an engine ‘fire’ and the local reporters milked it for what they could to get a ‘story’ that has impact, an irresponsible act that fails to inform truth and educate those that do not know better.

    Finally, the original report mentioned that the airline continues to operate some ‘elderly’ examples of Boeing 747’s though not mentioning that it was a -300, the last example of which I saw at my local airport ( BHX ) 12 years ago!!

    • PALPA says

      Very true, Pakistan media reports naively on aviation but there are few who confirms it first from any aviation expert and then air it. Few days back one of PIA’s A-310 engine stalled on takeoff from Karachi for London which was again reported as an engine fire by the media which was again reported by a passenger after landing who saw the flash in the engine when it stalled. The story was so highlighted that a talk show was organised by the media in which the president & GS of the pilots association were called.

      The aircraft landed safely with stalled engine in IDLE & other engine running normally. As per the DFDR and cockpit voice recorder, all the actions were as per the book but none of the media reported that because that news would not attracted people and would not raise there rating.

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