Woman Kicked off Ryanair Flight Because Book was Too Large [VIDEO]

Ryanair Boeing 737

Ryanair Boeing 737

Ryanair is the subject of public outcry after it has been claimed a woman was kicked off the airline’s flight because a book she was carrying was too large.

The Daily Mail reports:

‘Spanish newspapers said she was judged to have broken the airline’s rule of boarding with only a small package because as she was carrying a scroll, which would not fit in her case, and a book.

Footage shows the Spanish woman begging to be let on board.

Passengers are heard asking how they can help and if they can place the item in their suitcases for her.

The video was posted on Facebook by a user called Soraya Pla, who said the woman shouted out as she entered the cabin that she had tried to pay an oversized luggage fee with her credit card, but it had not been working.

She added: ‘Look at what we have just witnessed on a Ryanair flight, I am crying with impotence. They took her forcefully, because of a simple book and a scroll that did not fit in her bag.’

The clip has spread across the internet and led to calls from Spanish Twitter users to boycott the airline.’

Ryanair rules state only one item of hand luggage, with maximum dimensions of 55cm by 40cm by 20cm and weighing up to 10kg, is allowed per person. Oversized baggage will be refused at the boarding gate or subject to a £50 fee and placed in the hold.

The airline has defended its actions, saying the woman had been ‘disruptive’ and had pushed past gate agents without showing ID or boarding pass.




  1. Pete Cooney says

    The lady in question should not have been allowed to board. I recently flew back from Spain with another carrier. I was stood at the gate and I clearly heard a message advising customers they are allowed one piece of hand luggage . I looked around and no-one I saw ( except me) bothered to put extra pieces of luggage such as plastic carrier bags in their main hand luggage. The plane was delayed 20 minutes because of these inconsiderate people. So rather than comply with the rules they Chose to ignore them thus delaying a plane. why do they have the right to make me late?? The problem is these selfish people, not the airlines who state their rules clearly. I hope the lady and everybody else learns a lesson. Just so you know, I have tried to flout the rules in the past when I tried to pass a piece of luggage as hand luggage. I got collared. A fair kop. It cost me 35 quid but my fault. I knew the rules, Remember, if one person is allowed to carry one extra item on board then a precedent is set and where does it end??

      • Pete Cooney says

        Thanks Lee. Ryanair are great as are all the other low cost carriers. They have allowed metro visit many European countries over the last few years for a few quid a time. Most recent was Warsaw for £3.50 each way from Stanstead. Happy days!! Most people will never be satisfied!!

  2. roy wilmot says

    RYANAIR Flown with them many times no problems,but the spanish airline Vueling are better than them and cheaper.well i never found flights with Ryanair for 3.50 cant be including airport tax.

    • roy wilmot says

      HI PETE Yes its good value flew to Lithunia with them for 39 pounds one way thats over 1200 miles,you just have to stick to the rules.GOOD FLYING ROY.

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