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KLM 747 Lands with Gear Malfunction Damaging Aircraft [PHOTO] [VIDEO]

| November 2, 2012 | 0 Comments
KLM Boeing 747 Gear Damage at Polderbaan

KLM Boeing 747 Gear Damage at Polderbaan (photo: User ‘Paddy N Murphy’ on

A KLM jet landed at Amsterdam’s Polderbaan Airport yesterday with is right main body gear out of alignment bursting the tires and prompting an emergency call from the pilots.

KLM Flight 612, a Boeing 747-400, came to a stop just off runway 18R where fire crews met the plane. The passengers disembarked from stairs. There were no injuries reported.

The 747’s gear scraped on its wheels during rollout. The damage appears to be only relagated to the gear itself.



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