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Air Canada’s 89 A320s to be Serviced by Duluth Maintenance Base

| October 26, 2012 | 1 Comment
Air Canada Airbus A320

Air Canada Airbus A320

Air Canada has entered in to an agreement with a Duluth maintenance base to have the carrier’s 89 Airbus A320s maintained and serviced.

AAR Aircraft will be at full capacity within a year utilizing four lines of maintenance and employing up to 225 workers in good paying jobs.

‘According to the letter of intent, AAR will provide Air Canada’s A320 aircraft with airframe maintenance services through September 2017.

Air Canada and AAR are currently finalizing the terms of the five-year contract, said Chris Mason, an AAR spokesman.

AAR — a leading provider of aircraft maintenance services to airlines — is already servicing Air Canada’s Airbus planes at its Miami maintenance, repair and overhaul base. But the work will be transitioned to the new Duluth base over the next year, with the first line up and running by December.’

The 188,000-square-foot maintenance base, built for Northwest Airlines in the early 1990s, was vacated by the airlines in 2005. Cirrus Aircraft leased space there for a few years, but it had been largely vacant since 2009. Last year, city officials and local economic development proponents stepped up their efforts to find a similar use for the facility, first approaching AAR at an industry expo.


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  1. Rick Case says:

    How many Canadians work there in Duluth maintenance? Keeping jobs for Candians? I guess not.

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