Monarch Airlines 737 Skids Off Runway After Landing at Birmingham Airport

Monarch Airlines Boeing 737 at Birmingham

Monarch Airlines Boeing 737 at Birmingham (photo: Alex Hall-The Telegraph)

A Monarch Airlines Boeing 737 skidded off the runway as it taxied at Birmingham Airport this morning when there was a possible problem with its brakes.

Monarch Flight 467, being operated by Lithuanian carrier Aurela Airlines, was inbound from Nice, France and landed at Birmingham just after 1:00 PM BST.

The BBC reports:

‘Monarch said the plane was being taxied to the terminal in Birmingham when “one set of wheels left the taxi way bringing the aircraft to a stop”.

Passengers said there had first appeared to be problems with the aircraft’s brakes as it was being taxied in Nice, and described it as a “very old plane”.

All flights to and from the airport were immediately suspended after the incident. The runway reopened at about 15:10 BST.’

Monarch said it was the same 737 which left 150 people stranded in Tenerife last month when a door broke. It said it had suspended the use of Aurela.

There were no reported injuries and air traffic at the airport is back to normal.



  1. Chris says

    One set of wheels exiting the taxiway, eh? It looks like more than one set of wheels to me! LOL

    And Aurela only has two 737s, both of which 737-300 models with one being built in 1988 and the other 1992. This incident aircraft was LY-SKA, the one built in 1988. Hardly “very old”!

  2. JENNIFER says

    As one that lives near to and monitors BHX traffic I am very aware of the airfield and it’s foibles. That turn off runway 33 is wide enough to enable an Emirates A380 without trouble so a B737 should have the space enough to spare to do a twirl and progress to the terminal.

    This aircraft has form and it is not the fault of Monarch as they simply contracted an IATA airline to do business. Indeed, it is not as old as some passengers say it is when confronted with the media, indeed some Tupolevs visit us at times on vacation charters, RAF VC-10’s visit and their L1011 Tristars but perhaps the management of Monarch is more at fault rather than the flight crew flying to an airfield that they may do so once in a lifetime of flying!!

    I have spent my life following all that is civil aviation at my home airport and incidents frequently occur equal to all airfields globally. What happened yesterday could be described as a minor incident, no emergency evacuation on slides, no fire, no breach of the fuselage, just media fuss! These things happen folks!!

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