US Airways Fined $21,000 After Worker was Crushed in Baggage Conveyor [PHOTOS]

US Airways planes

US Airways

US Airways has been fined $21,000 by an Arizona safety agency after one of its employees was crushed to death in a luggage conveyor at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

60-year-old Robert Demarco was sucked into an area between the upper and lower belts and killed at Terminal 4 after trying to free some bags.

Another worker discovered his mangled body face-down in the machine about 15 minutes later.

New York Daily News reports:

‘The Industrial Commission of Arizona’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health said the airline was at fault because it failed to train Demarco and other employees on how to shut down the giant machine properly,

“In this case while he was on the conveyor system or conveyor belt, there was a portion above him that suddenly lowered or dropped onto him and caused some blunt force trauma and asphyxiation, which resulted in his death,” said Darin Perkins, the director for OSHA.’

In a statement, US Airways said it has always had “robust” training procedures in place, but had “re-evaluated” and made some adjustments in the wake of the tragic accident.

Photos of the accident scene can be viewed HERE. WARNING: We have chosen not to publish them as they are graphic.


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