American Eagle ERJ-145 Returns to Gerald R. Ford International, Engine Warning

American Eagle Embraer 145

American Eagle Embraer ERJ 145

An American Eagle flight had to return to Gerald R. Ford International Airport yesterday when and engine warning light came on.

American Eagle Flight 2829, an Embraer ERJ-145, landed safely with no injuries reported. The flight was originally headed for Dallas Ft. Worth Airport (DFW).

Reports indicate the right-hand engine overheated.



        • Chris says


          I tried to give you some hints in earlier posts but i guess i have to be a bit more forward: The word “taught” is a verb describing one’s action of ‘teaching’ someone something. Like me right now, teaching you how to write properly to avoid confusing the readers. I believe the word you’re looking for is “thought” which is the action of ‘thinking’.

          Secondly, this internet website is not a physical “paper”, but rather an electronic form of delivering news. This is not an aviation ‘newspaper’, but rather an aviation news ‘blog’. I know you have difficulty recognizing sarcasm but i believe that was James’ intent here.

          And thirdly, since this is an aviation news blog, it’s very appropriate for these types of stories to be posted here, as stories like these are indeed newsworthy. Flights are not supposed to return to the airport at which they took off from, and engine overheating is not normal.

  1. Chris says

    I took a flight on an ERJ145 Wednesday morning with Delta Connection. It’s a very nice aircraft! I’ve found the ERJ145 to be a very comfortable aircraft to fly in. Though a little thinner than the CRJ, since the ERJ has 1-2 seating (while the CRJ has 2-2) it feels a lot more open. The ERJ145 is also a lot quieter, even in row 17!

    I hope to see these little Brazilian aircraft in operation for a long time. They’re very efficient for regional carriers and very quick and convenient for the passengers.

  2. says

    Embraer makes some very nice aircraft, especially their business jets. The Phenom 300 in particular is a sweetheart to fly from what I’m told. Hope to see this maker expand their offerings and add a little competition to Airbus and Boeing.

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