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SpiceJet Delays Delivery of Three Bombardier Q400 Planes

| September 13, 2012 | 0 Comments
SpiceJet Bombardier Q400

SpiceJet Bombardier Q400 (photo: Wikipedia)

SpiceJet has decided to delay delivery of three Bombardier Q400 planes set to fly out of Delhi for regional routes to the north in India.

The decision apparently came due to Delhi International Airport raising airport and user development fees. The hike prompted the Indian carrier to postpone its plan.

‘Currently, SpiceJet has 12 Bombardiers meant to operate on regional routes, with Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai as hubs. According to DIAL, earlier, aircraft below 80-seaters, including the Bombardier Q400, did not have to pay airport or parking charges as part of the government policy.’

SpiceJet was due to receive 12 Q400s this year. They are still on track to take delivery of the other nine at this point in time.


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