American Closing Alliance Maintenance Base in Ft. Worth, 1,100 Jobs Lost

American Airlines MD-80

American Airlines MD-80

American Airlines plans to close its Alliance Maintenance base in Ft. Worth, Texas by mid-December and eliminate 1,100 jobs there according to multiple sources and the Transport Workers Union (TWU).

The Dallas Morning News reports:

‘American, which has done much of its maintenance work in house, will outsource the work now done at Alliance or transfer it to American’s other major maintenance bases at Tulsa and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

Those plans are no surprise – the airline included those proposals on Feb. 1 when it announced its new business plan to employees and the public. But the timing had not been public because the airline needed to get its TWU-represented employees to ratify new contracts first.

Depending on a number of factors, particularly seniority, many Alliance employees will be able to transfer to other American facilities and bump less-senior employees from their jobs. The bumped employees then may be able to bump other employees less senior than themselves. And so on.’

American TWU represented employees can take an ‘early-out option’…essentially an early retirement. So far 633 workers have taken that option.



  1. Richard Wyeroski says

    Hi All:

    This is a big loss, 1100 jobs, all thanks to out sourcing to over seas “third World Countries”

    Unfortunately we are witness the destruction of the US Commercial Aviation Industry.

    Richard Wyeroski

  2. says

    Due to some unfortunate circumstances (my own impending layoff) I’m about to pack it up and leave commercial aviation to head back to general aviation. Hoping that works out better than this has, I feel everyone’s pain.

  3. says

    Chris, I actually work for a subcontractor. Airline cost-cutting paired with corporations trying to maintain profit margins claimed this victim. I’m sympathetic to these employees and their families.

    • Chris says

      Ah damn.. What can you do, this type of thing is happening everywhere. I hope you’re able to find another position Phil, somewhere where they’ll appreciate the hard work.

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