NFL Team Charter Plane Clips American Airlines MD-80 Jet at DFW-UPDATE

American Airlines MD-80

American Airlines MD-80 (file)

A Boeing 767 charter being used by the NFL’s Miami Dolphins clipped the tail of a parked American Airlines MD-80¬†while being pushed back at Dallas Ft. Worth Airport this morning.

The winglet of the Boeing 767 clipped the tail of the American plane causing damage to both aircraft. Both jets were taken out of service to be inspected.

There is no further information on the damage to the planes.

A replacement American Airlines jet took the Dolphins team back to Miami and landed at 7:30 AM.


The 767 was also an American Airlines plane chartered by the team.


Image: Flickr [bribri]


      • Chris says

        Ahh ok, i only ask because it said a replacement AA plane took the team after the incident. There aren’t many teams that have their “own” plane anymore, they usually just charter a plane from big airlines like United, Delta and apparently AA! Strange…

  1. R. M. Anderson says

    Good golly it would be nice to have the complete Paul Harvey story in a nutshell.
    And further what does this story/feature dated August 30 2012 have to do with anything relevant TODAY ?????

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