US Airways Jet Gets Stuck at Reagan When Wheels Sink in Tarmac [PHOTO]

US Airways Canadair CRJ-200

The US Airways Canadair CRJ-200 stuck in the pavement at Reagan Airport

High Temps Cause Jet to Sink in Pavement

A US Airways jet leaving the gate at Reagan International Airport in Washington, D.C. Friday evening got stuck when its wheels sunk in the hot pavement.

The Canadair CRJ-200 regional jet was being pushed back from its gate when the wheels dug in to the hot pavement on the tarmac. Hot temperatures in the area were most likely the cause.

“It was apparently a soft spot caused by the heat,” airline spokeswoman Michelle Mohr said, and the airplane “wouldn’t move.”

It was “pretty rare,” Mohr said. But then, she noted, “we’ve also had very unusual temperatures.”

The airport brought a bigger tow vehicle to free the plane and it took off after a 3-hour delay.


Photo: Reddit user ‘pdugaw’


  1. Hugh Woodson says

    There is never Reagan International Airport.

    the correct name of the airport is Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport or otherwise known as Reagan National Airport


    My only logical thinking is get the passengers off the plane. one it move, it reboarding the plane then took off!

    Just my logical thinking.

    • Chris says

      That makes sense. I wonder if the passengers were even removed from the plane, and if so, were they shuttled by bus to the terminal? Three hours seems a little too long to spend on a disabled plane on the tarmac.

      I think it’s amazing that a little CRJ-200 did this! But i supposed the miniature tires (in comparison to larger jets) made it easier for them to sink in. I wonder if type of material used on the tarmac should be reconsidered?

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