Delta Airlines 767 Diverts to Miami When Captain Falls Ill-UPDATE

Delta Airlines Boeing 767 tarmac

Delta Airlines Boeing 767

UPDATE – May 18, 2012: has learned that the Delta captain suffered symptoms of a heart attack and the captain himself made the decision to divert to Miami as a precaution.

Their is still no word on his condition.

A Delta Airlines jet heading to JFK diverted to Miami (MIA) for an emergency landing yesterday morning after the Captain became ill.

Delta Flight 120, a Boeing 767, took off from Sao Paulo, Brazil (GRU) at 9:35 PM local time Monday evening and halfway through the flight the pilot suffered a ‘medical incident’.

A source who had two relatives on the flight told that crew members asked for a doctor over the passengers cabin PA system and the flight made a ‘quick emergency descent’ in to Miami.

Both the pilot and two first officers were replaced before resuming the flight to JFK, which landed after a three and a half hour delay.

Delta Airlines released a brief statement to

Flight #120 diverted to Miami due to a crew member illness. The pilot crew was replaced by a new pilot crew in Miami and landed at JFK 3 hours and 20 minutes late. 

There is no word on the condition of the pilot.

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  1. Leon J Wright says

    This bird is a very safe aircraft. Any trainer will tell you that this aircraft will spoil the new pilot and test the old ones.

  2. Cassius says

    Believe me, I was there and it was the scariest flight I’ve ever been – In a certain moment I thought I would die. We had issues with turbulence at the point we were informed that the aircraft was going thru a storm and that situation would take at least 15 minutes more…and right after that we were informed about the medical issue with one of the crew members. The flight was re-directed to Miami where I thought I would go straight to Las Vegas, my final destination. It didn’t happen, it was said that going to NY would be the best option since departures to Las Vegas from Miami would happen too late…I had to go to NY and after that catch a flight to Las Vegas…I was expected to be in Las Vegas at 11:00 am but got there at 7:00 pm…Delta dind’t do anything to make things better for passangers…actually a Delta attendent said to me “I can’t do anything to help you since you’ve lost your flight”…problems with my bags…First time flying Delta and it was clear to me that its ground team is not good. About the pilot I hope he get well soon – we are all subject to things like that. About Delta, its ground employees should be teached on how to make things easier to Delta’s passangers and not only give 6 dollars to each one to “eat” something until the next flight. How about board passangers in the next flight of a different company?

    • Kenneth Holland says


      Thanks for your account. Delta gave me the runaround and acted like nothing at all happened until I pressed them…and even then they still didn’t give me the whole story.

      • Cassius says


        Thanks for your note. I still can remember Delta’s CEO video playing inside the aircraft…big deception. It was my first and last time flying Delta, not because of the medical issue but because of Delta’s attitude with passangers.

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