Airbus to Cover A380 Wing Repair Costs, But…

Airbus A380 Wings

Airbus will pay to fix its customers' wing cracks on their A380s but not the money they lose while the planes sit on the ground

…Will not Reimburse Carriers for Time Planes Are Out of Service

Airbus says they are ready to pay the cost of repairs to its airline customers for the wing cracks that have been found on multiple Airbus A380 Superjumbos but will not cover the revenue lost when those planes are out of service.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the total cost Airbus will incur is $139 million.

Airbus CEO John Leahy likened it to car repair…it’s under warranty but you don’t get a rental:

“The manufacturer doesn’t pay for you to go and rent another car,” he said.

Wing cracks have been found on several A380s the past few months but Airbus insists it’s not a safety issue.

I think if I were a a customer I’d be a bit peeved…


  1. Chris says

    Apparently Airbus hasn’t visited any US Lexus dealers… we always get a Lexus loaner vehicle during repairs (not just those under warranty)!

  2. John says

    Every time I bring my vehicle to the dealer for service I get a loaner vehicle. Should have bought a Boeing.

  3. Carl Paez says

    Whenever I get my Mercedes Benz fixed I get a loner car. I think Mr. Leahy is living in the past for his company’s bottom line convenience. Using 7479 aluminum alloy in poorly matching surfaces brought out stress corrosion cracking. Replacing parts is not a fix. The design needs to be drastically changed. Stress corrosion cracking goes back to the 1960’s. History repeats itself.

  4. Mohammed Hossain says

    How they get cracked? These aircrafts haven’t been flown into sky yet? They are still in manufacture. Probably they are using cheap material to save their costs. But for their cheap material and cheap labour makes passengers into danger. And they should know Chinese mechanical always cheap material and cheap labour

    • Chris says

      Apparently the aluminum metal Airbus chose for the main “structure” of the wings wasn’t strong enough for the air loads, and replacement parts are currently being built to replace the defective parts. Every single one of the 77 A380’s that have been produced showed signs of fatigue cracking in these parts, and all of which need the parts replaced. The first time they discovered the issue was by accident actually! Recently, a Qantas A380 suffered an un-contained engine failure which resulted in debris being shot through the wing of the A380. While they were fixing the wing, they noticed cracking in the wing parts. This aircraft had only 250 cycles on it… As a result, the remaining 76 A380’s were checked and they too showed signs of fatiguing in the same areas on the defective wing parts. If the Qantas incident never occurred, it wouldn’t have been for another 2 years before a thorough C-check was performed on an A380, when someone would have inspected the wings. Airbus didn’t do this on purpose, they merely underestimated the air loads on the wings and didn’t prepare enough. They were trying to save weight i guess…

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