Emirates and British Airways Push Boeing for new 777

Emirates Airline Boeing 777

Emirates Airline Boeing 777-300

Emirates Airline and British Airways are pushing Boeing to plan a successor to the very popular 777 wide-body jet so it will be ready for service by 2020.

Emirates and British Airways are two of the largest operators (Emirates is, in fact, the largest) of the 777 and are keen to plan upgrades in aircraft as their fleet grows older.

‘Emirates’s Clark said he has been talking to Boeing for more than two years about a new 777, and that in recent months he has urged Boeing to canvass other potential buyers to encourage a quicker decision. Dubai-based Emirates began taking its first 777s in 1995 and has ordered 174.’

“Boeing had a hugely enthusiastic response when they spoke to all operators of the 777, so in terms of the business case that has to go before the board, I believe they’ve got what they need,” Clark said.

British Airways plans to start replacing 52 Boeing 747s in the coming years, most likely with a new 777 (that will succeed the 777-300) although Airbus will be promoting their new A350 hard to both carriers as well as others.

Boeing commercial head Jim Albaugh has said the company plans a new successor to the 777 “towards the end of the decade.”

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