American Airlines MD-80 Diverts Out of Palm Springs to LAX, Engine Trouble

American Airlines MD-80 at LAX

American Airlines MD-80 at LAX

An American Airlines flight headed to Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD) from Palm Springs International (PSP) yesterday afternoon diverted the flight to Los Angeles (LAX) when the pilot detected an overheating engine.

Pilots aboard American flight 1280, a McDonnell Douglas MD-80 (MD-83), diverted after detecting the trouble right after takeoff.

Flight 1280 landed safely at LAX 32 minutes after departure and there were no injuries.

Passengers were put on another American flight and reached Chicago O’Hare with a delay of about 4 hours.

There is no report yet on the condition of the aircraft.


Image: Flickr [skinnylawyer]


  1. Chris says

    There seems to be an inordinate amount of JT8D-200 series engines failing on these MD80’s. It’s amazing that the JT8D-17’s on the 35yr old Delta DC-9-51’s are so much more reliable despite the age difference.

    • Kenneth Holland says

      I was actually going to comment on a previous MD-80 story a week or so ago with an engine failure. Yes it does Chris. Don’t get me wrong, I love all planes for their unique qualities but I bet AA can’t wait to mothball these birds.

      • Chris says

        True true, the fuel must really be killing them too… They’re lucky the MD80’s are all paid for! It’s gonna be a sad day when the last DC9 and MD80 are retired :(

        • Kenneth Holland says

          The MD’s are unique for sure.

          I’ve flown the MD-80 out of PS many times when I lived out there.

          • Chris says

            They’re a great plane- without a doubt the most “over-built” in terms of build quality. I read recently that the approved # of flight hours for a DC9 is 100,000 hrs- and for comparison, the 737 is rated at only 75,000 hours.

            See p345:…ttees/arac/media/tae/TAE_AA_T6.pdf

            It’s amazing how well-built these things are!

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