Southwest Selling 717s in AirTran Purchase, Will Not Furlough Pilots

AirTran Boeing 717

AirTran Boeing 717

Southwest Airlines says even though they will sell 88 Boeing 717 airliners they acquired when they bought AirTran last year they will not not furlough any of the pilots…and they will have jobs with Southwest:

“We’ve had no discussions, no talk, no hint with any of you about job furloughs,” Kelly said in a weekly phone message to employees. “That means we would have to shrink this company and we have absolutely no plans to do so. We have a lot of work under way to put Southwest in the position where we can grow this company and add jobs, not subtract jobs.”

Southwest is working with Boeing to find a buyer…actually a new owner for the 717s, as they are leased from Boeing. As expected, Southwest will continue to have an all 737 fleet.

Southwest will be retiring about 150 planes in the next 5 years and replacing them with the newer 737-800.


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