Air France Flight Diverted When Bomb Scare Ends Up Being a Blackberry

Air France Airbus A330

Air France Airbus A330

An Air France flight headed to Tel Aviv, Israel had to divert to Basel-Mulhouse Airport (Switzerland) on Thursday when a bomb was suspected to be on the plane.

Air France flight 2220 departed Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport at 7:13 pm (1813 GMT) and shortly thereafter the crew and some passengers heard a strange beeping noise. They determined it could possibly be a bomb so they rerouted.

Upon landing the Airbus A330 was taxied to remote part of the airport so it could be searched. They found a Blackberry telephone to be the cause. Reportedly they could not find anything when they were in the air…they just heard the beeping.

There were 123 passengers aboard and no one was injured.

Now if it were an iPhone they would have KNOWN it was a phone because the Siri thingy on the iPhone would have told them that, right? All kidding aside…whew!


Image: Flickr [Tab59]


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