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Man Who Stole Rolex at Florida Airport Security Line Arrested, Wearing the Watch

| February 17, 2012 | 0 Comments
Igor Ramos

Sheriffs photo of Igor Ramos, who stole a lady's Rolex at Ft. Lauderdale Airport

Broward County, Florida Sheriffs have arrested the man who stole a woman’s Rolex watch in the security screening line at Ft. Lauderdale Airport today.

37 year-old Igor Adrian Ramos, who lives in Sunny Isles, Florida, was wearing the $6,500 Rolex when he answered the door and the Sheriffs were standing there.

The watch was stolen in January. (More on how the watch was stolen with video HERE)

Ramos’ face was shown on the surveillance video and that’s how Sheriffs were able to ultimately track him down.

Ramos will be charged with Grand Theft.

Igor sure sounds like a really bright guy. Wear the watch when you open the door. Smooth Igor…smooth, but we’re sure glad you did it you loser.



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