Engineers: ‘Airbus A380 Should be Grounded’ [VIDEO]

Airbus A380

Some aviation engineers are calling for Airbus' A380 to be grounded

Aviation engineers from Australia are calling for Airbus’ mighty A380 Superjumbo…the largest commercial airliner ever produced, to be grounded.

The A380 has had several mechanical and structural incidents in the past few years. The aircraft had a massive engine failure in November of 2010 on flight from Singapore to Sydney and then it was reported last week that several A380 customers found cracks in some wing components (which Airbus has since said pose no safety risk).

However, Australian aviation engineers say its time to ground the A380 fleet and not risk people’s lives until these issues can be solved:

‘We can’t continue to gamble with people’s lives and allow those aircraft to fly around and hope that they make it until their four-yearly inspection,’ said Steve Purvinas, secretary of the Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association.

Airbus readily admitted there were cracks found on some of the aircraft but they say they are on ‘non-critical’ parts and will be fixed:

‘We confirm that cracks were found on non-critical wing attachments on a limited number of A380s,’ an Airbus spokesperson said today….We’ve traced the origin of these hairline cracks, and developed an inspection and repair procedure which can be done during routine maintenance.’


Do you believe Airbus? A builder like Airbus would have an awful lot to lose if they were hiding something and airliners have more issues than the average person realizes. What do you think??


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