Couple on Jetstar Flight Arrested for Attempted Mile High Encounter

Mile High Club

Mile High Club

A couple on a Jetstar flight in Australia were arrested last Saturday after attempting a sexual encounter in the airliner’s bathroom.

The 39-year old woman and 44-year old man were in the plane’s bathroom conducting (or attempting to conduct) what is known as the ‘Mile High’ club. Having sex on a plane. Instead? Jail:

A Jetstar spokeswoman said the airline did not allow people to enter the toilet “in pairs” and it was normal for anyone doing so to be asked to leave the tiny onboard bathroom by the flight crew. “They would be asked to come out, and if they comply there are no further questions asked or action taken,” she said. On this occasion it is alleged the man became abusive towards cabin crew and he was met by police when the flight landed in Mackay.

The man was charged with disorderly conduct and has to appear in court but the woman was released.

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