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Southwest Airlines Boeing 737

Boeing’s New 737 MAX Is About to Make Flying a Little Less Horrible

Two incremental but important changes—wider seats and redesigned bins—have been announced for Boeing’s new 737 MAX, which will take to the skies in 2017. This isn’t just about passenger comfort, either. The changes are also intended to make flying a lot more affordable. At the heart of the 737 MAX project is a promise to […]

Airbus A380 and Boeing 747

The jumbo jet faces a make or break year at Boeing, Airbus

The jumbo jet, for many years the workhorse of modern air travel, could be close to running out of runway. Last year, there were zero orders placed by commercial airlines for new Boeing 747s or Airbus A380s, reflecting a fundamental shift in the industry toward smaller, twin-engine planes. Smaller planes cost less to fly than […]

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a320 germanwings

Opinion: Lessons To Learn From Germanwings Flight 9525

So in the end it took a week until another task force was created: a week of intense, unprecedented media coverage of the March 24 crash of Germanwings Flight 9525 into the French Alps, which was likely deliberately caused by the first officer, a 27-year-old with a long (previously unknown) history of depressive and suicidal […]

Airbus A320neo

Airbus Unveils First CFM Leap-1A-Powered A320neo

Airbus has rolled out the first CFM Leap-1A powered A320neo at its Toulouse facility in France, and is expected to begin ground tests this week in advance of flight tests which are targeted to begin before the Paris Air Show in June 2015. The aircraft is the third A320neo in the test fleet, and joins […]

Air India Boeing 747

Indian PM Modi flies Boeing 747 to an Airbus facility

Air India 001 that flew the Prime Minister and his delegation from New Delhi to Paris, and then from Paris to Toulouse to the Airbus facility, is a Boeing 747-400. Air India still flies wide-bodied Boeings on long-haul flights, though for the Australian sector, some Airbus aircraft are being used. Airbus is the preferred choice […]

Boeing 737 Max

Airbus, Boeing face continued issues with A380s, 737 MAXs

They are very different airliners but they both face important issues that continue to attract analyst and carrier scrutiny. The giant Airbus A380 needs more sales, and the comparatively miniscule Boeing 737 MAX needs, according to a range of reports, a better new tech engine. This Reuters story makes it crystal clear that Airbus is […]

Airbus A380

Airbus needs more time to decide on A380 changes

Airbus will not abandon its A380 jumbo jet program despite slow sales, its chief executive told Les Echos newspaper, and needs more time to decide whether to redesign its engines as major customer Emirates Airline has requested. Emirates, the leading buyer of the existing A380 jet with 140 orders, has been pushing Airbus to revamp […]

Thai Airways Airbus A380

Japan, South Korea ease flight bans on Thai airlines

Japan and South Korea authorities have eased flight bans on Thai airlines by allowing two long-haul, low cost carriers to fly charter flights for two months to reduce the impact on passengers, Thai officials said. The two are NokScoot and Thai Air AsiaX, Somchai Piputwat, director general of Thailand’s Department of Civil Aviation, told Reuters […]

United Airlines Airbus A350-1000

FAA Steps Up Oversight of United Airlines

In the wake of its own damning internal email to pilots to more or less shape up after several major safety events and near-misses, United Airlines has been under increased scrutiny from the Federal Aviation Administration, according to a new report. The Wall Street Journal has viewed a letter from the FAA sent to United’s […]

Copa Airlines Boeing 737

Boeing Receives $6.6 Billion Order From Panama’s Copa Airlines

Boeing Co. has received a $6.6 billion order from Panama’s Copa Holdings S.A. , the largest deal ever between a Panamanian and U.S-based company. The order is for 61 737 MAX 8 and MAX 9 airplanes, which Copa Airlines will use to replace some of its existing airplanes. The news came Friday at a signing […]

Airbus Boeing

737, 787 score Boeing big win over Airbus in first quarter

Boeing edged out Airbus in orders in the first quarter, with good news for Boeing’s smallest plane, the Boeing 737, and its newest plane, the 787. After six cancelations, Boeing won 110 net orders for the quarter, versus Airbus’ 101 net orders, after 20 cancellations. Showing particular strength was Boeing’s 737 series, which landed 66 […]

Leap engine

CFM Missing On the LEAP-1B Would Be a Major Blow to Boeing 737 MAX

In the last few months, Boeing’s re-engined 737 MAX has quietly run into a bit of trouble. For weeks, sources at the Melun-based engine manufacturer CFM have quietly noted that the LEAP-1B engine that will power the 737 MAX is facing a serious performance shortfall of close to 4-5% in specific fuel consumption (sfc), and […]

A330-300 seating

Airbus eyes new seating configurations as economy traffic booms

Airbus plans to offer airlines more choice in the way they configure their planes, and sees carriers opting for different levels of comfort and seating within the economy cabin of their planes, a senior Airbus executive said on Wednesday. The planemaker also plans to redefine its wide-body jets, based on a standard layout of three […]

NTSB Crash Plane Picture

FAA, NTSB Remain At Odds On ‘Dive And Drive’ Instrument Approaches

A type of non-precision instrument approach composed of a series of step-down altitudes, informally known as “dive and drive,” remains a point of contention between the FAA and NTSB following the August 2013 crash of UPS Flight 1354 in Birmingham, Alabama. To date, the FAA has refused an outright ban on the technique, despite nearly […]

American Airlines and US Airways Tails

American Airlines, US Airways get FAA approval to fly as one carrier

American Airlines, the world’s largest airline and the second-largest carrier at O’Hare International Airport, received its single operating certificate Wednesday from the FAA, an important behind-the-scenes milestone in its integration with US Airways. Now comes a potentially more difficult task: Aligning computer reservation systems into one without disrupting flights or vexing consumers. That changeover is […]

At Boeing, Innovation Means Small Steps, Not Giant Leaps

After a turbulent decade, Boeing Co. is rethinking its formula for innovation. The 99-year-old aerospace giant long has focused on developing new technologies that it reserved for big projects every 15 years or so to craft the fastest—and farthest-flying jetliners—such as its 787 Dreamliner. Today, Boeing is centering innovation on incremental improvements that it can […]