AirAsia Flight 8501 update: Teams fail to float fuselage

Latest: Indonesian salvage teams failed to raise the fuselage of AirAsia Flight 8501 from the sea bed Saturday, but recovered four more bodies from the wreckage of the crashed jet. The bid to raise the fuselage came a day after divers were able to enter the main section of the plane, which crashed in the Java Sea last month, for the first time. Difficult weather conditions for the past week had stopped rescuers reaching the main part of the Airbus A320-200 since it was spotted on the seabed by a military vessel earlier this month. "We were not successful today. The sling snapped off so the main body fell back to the sea floor," S B Supriyadi, a rescue agency official, told AFP, adding several bodies fell from the fuselage when the piece of wreckage sunk once again. The … [Read More...]

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Boeing executive sees strong demand for 737 MAX, confident on 777

Demand for fuel-efficient narrowbody jetliners like the Boeing 737 MAX remains “very strong” despite the recent oil price slump, the planemaker’s top salesman said on Wednesday. Although lower oil prices might make some airlines hesitate about upgrading their fleets, the overall boost to the economy from cheaper energy is sustaining new jet demand, he said. […]

Ryanair 737 Max

Ryanair to pay Boeing a premium for next generation 737 Max aircraft

Ryanair agreed to pay a “premium” for the next generation of aircraft that it plans to buy from US giant Boeing between 2019 and 2024, according to its chief executive. Last year the Irish airline became the launch customer for the 737 Max that Boeing plans to begin producing towards the end of the decade […]

Embraer E2

Embraer sees E2 as positioned to meet Asian passenger needs

As Asia-Pacific’s middle class continues to grow rapidly, and is projected to account for over 40% of global middle class spend by 2030, Embraer is positioning its re-engined E-Jet E2 family with new interiors as being an ideal fit to meet the needs of increasingly savvy passengers in the region. “Consumers are highly brand driven […]

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AirAsia black box recovered

AirAsia Probe Looks at Plane, Human Error on Blast Lack

AirAsia Bhd. Flight 8501 appears to have stalled after climbing steeply, an Indonesian government minister said, while its cockpit voice recorder provided no evidence of terrorism having brought down the plane. The Airbus Group NV A320 probably entered a stall, in which the flow of air under the wing is disrupted, causing a loss of […]

Airbus Beluga

Airbus Beluga: Giant of the skies set to get even larger

It’s the white whale of the skies and one of aviation’s rarest and most loved planes currently in service. The Airbus A300-600ST, popularly known as the “Beluga” because of its resemblance to the white Arctic whale, is the European plane manufacturer’s super-sized transporter jet. Five of these enormous planes make more than 60 flights each […]

Boeing 747-8F

Turkish Airline Considers Largest Wide-Bodies as Demand Grows

Turkish Airlines is considering the addition of the largest wide-body airliners to its fleet to help support growth, with passengers flying on one of the fastest-expanding airlines set to reach 63 million this year. The airline is looking at both the Airbus A380 and Boeing 747-8 super-jumbos, as well as the smaller Airbus A350 and […]

Embraer Legacy 500

Analysts: Learjet 85 Pause Good News For Competition

Bombardier Aerospace’s decision to pause its Learjet 85 program should not be seen as a sign of weaker demand for Cessna’s or Embraer’s competing products, analysts say. The Learjet 85 pause, in fact, is good news for the competition, Jefferies analyst Howard Rubel wrote in a note to investors. “This should be viewed as a […]

Airbus A380

Is Airbus A380 a ‘superjumbo’ With a Future or an Aerospace White Elephant?

Airbus executives knew they faced big questions about their biggest jet as they sat down to an annual showdown with the media at the plane maker’s Toulouse base. A late surge in orders meant Airbus could claim victory in the yearly sales battle with Boeing, landing 1,456 orders last year compared with its US rival’s […]

Silk Air Boeing 737-8

Boeing says no plans to match Airbus with long range 737

Boeing Co said on January 13 that it sees no business case at present for offering an extended-range version of its largest 737 jet, the forthcoming 737 MAX 9, to compete with a long-range plane that rival Airbus launched on January 13. Earlier, Airbus said it had won 30 orders for an extended range A321neo […]

Boeing Assembly Line

Boeing deliveries beat Airbus for 3rd straight year

Boeing Co. topped Airbus in deliveries to customers for the third straight year in 2014 – but the European aircraft manufacturer edged its U.S. rival in terms of future orders. Airbus reported that it delivered 629 planes, shy of Boeing’s record 723 deliveries. But Airbus racked up 1,456 net new orders, just ahead of Boeing’s […]

Airbus A321

Airbus Makes a Bold Move Into the Boeing 757’s Territory

For the past three decades, the Boeing 757 has occupied a unique spot among commercial aircraft. It is by far the largest and longest-range narrow-body jet. It is the only single-aisle plane capable of crossing the Atlantic. Being smaller than wide bodies, the 757 can profitably serve routes with lighter traffic. However, Boeing stopped building […]

Air Lease A321LR

Airbus Sees 1,000-Aircraft Market For A321LR

How to replace the Boeing 757 has been one of the last open portfolio questions for civil aircraft manufacturers. Airbus’s A321LR has one answer. Boeing may have a second. But if its model is launched, it will be a longer-term step. Airbus formally launched a long-range version of the A321 with a 97-ton maximum takeoff […]

Embraer E2 E-jet

Jet-maker Embraer to expand in S-E Asia

Brazilian aircraft-maker Embraer has big plans to expand its footprint in South-east Asia, including Singapore. The firm aims to tap into growing demand for flights to smaller, less busy cities, its top brass said here yesterday. Embraer’s commercial planes typically have between 70 and 130 seats, compared with about 180 seats for single-aisle Airbus and […]

727 rollout

727 and the Birth of Boeing’s ‘Family’ Plan (1962)

The new look of Boeing’s three-engined 727 caused quite a stir when it was unveiled in November 1962, as Aviation Week noted in its extensive coverage in the December 10 edition the following week. The aircraft’s distinctive T-tail, clustered rear-engined configuration and clean wing were unlike anything seen before from the Boeing stable. The photos […]

Air Europa 787-9 Dreamliner

Boeing Gets $3.6 Bil Dreamliner Pact From Air Europa

Boeing announced an order for 14 787-9 Dreamliners from Spain’s Air Europa on Thursday, valued at $3.6 billion at list prices. The order — the largest for a Boeing widebody from a Spanish carrier — was announced in December, when it was attributed to an unidentified customer. Air Europa now has 22 787-8s and 787-9s […]

American Airlines Boeing 757

Boeing in Talks on 757 Replacement as Airbus Lands Buyer

Boeing Co. has met with about 30 customers to discuss how to best fill the market void for trans-Atlantic flying left by its out-of-production 757 jetliner as Airbus Group NV (AIR) offers its response: a new long-range A321 model. Boeing executives are convinced the solution to the 757 replacement lies in an airframe that’s larger […]

Qatar A350 XWB wing tips

Now flying: The Airbus A350, the world’s newest jetliner

It’s official: Airbus’ brand-new A350 widebody jet has become the newest aircraft to fly paying airline passengers. Qatar Airways Flight 67 went into the record books Thursday as the first revenue flight to be flown on the A350, departing the airline’s hub in Doha at 7:49 a.m. and landing in Frankfurt at 12:28 p.m., all […]